We’ve written about Google’s ad extension options in the past and so by now we have to believe that anyone who manages a Google PPC account is using them. If you are not here are some reasons for doing so.

You should enable all extensions that make sense for your business. The reason why is because ad extensions not only make your ads more useful and engaging to users they’re also factored into your Ad Rank!

The three most important ad extensions in our opinion are: sitelinks, calls and call outs.

Sitelink extensions

These are hyperlinks you can send to different pages on your website. Google recommends that you apply at least six sitelinks per campaign for both mobile-preferred and standard however some studies have shown that 10 of each is better as this allows the system to rotate in the best ones for each auction.

Call extensions

This allows your phone number to appear with your ad. You can track clicks to call and manually dialed calls if you use a Google forwarding phone number and you can also record calls from a website number if you set that up also using a Google forwarding phone number. If your business takes phone calls you have got to use this.

Call Out extensions

These are static copy that can be used to expand what is already being said in your ad copy. These can be directly related to your ad copy or use them to highlight key company attributes that are distinct from what is already mentioned in your ads and sitelinks. Google recommends four per ad group/campaign/account.

You should also use the location extension especially if you are a business targeting the region(s) you do business in.

Like anything AdWords you need to continually monitor performance and tweak accordingly.

Now get to it!