SpeedPPC Next Generation!

All the details about the new version of SpeedPPC

Adapting the TALL Framework into SpeedPPC

We've expanded the platform to move beyond a power tool to a powerful strategy!

We’ve been busy making some BIG changes around here. We used to be all about building campaigns, but now we’re taking things to the next level. We’re all about strategy!! 

We are SO excited to share our brand new software features that support our TALL philosophy. 

TALL stands for Targeting, Ads, Landing Pages, and Lifetime Value. Our super easy to understand TALL Framework is designed to help you crush it by making small tweaks in each area.

Here’s the best thing - these small improvements stack on top of each other, leading to some serious results in terms of increased profits and volume over time.

New Targeting Features

Find and convert new customers with new targeting power.

Targeting is the first letter in the TALL framework and I’m sure you know just how important good targeting is for successful PPC campaigns. We’ve taken things to a new level by focusing on ensuring that you’re picking winning keywords and organizing them in easy and information-rich ways. Some of our new features include:

Revamped Targeting Section

A revamped targeting section where you can add your own keywords, research new keywords and get important metrics for all of them.

Filter Keywords by Intent

A super powerful way where you can identify and filter winning keywords from losers by analyzing the keyword intent of the keyword to make sure that they will convert.

AI Keyword Clustering

An AI keyword clustering tool that can take a big list of keywords and cluster them so you can more easily create thematic ads and ad groups.

Share Keyword Lists

You can now even share keyword lists with other users on your team.

New Ads Features

Find and convert new customers with new targeting power.

So, in the TALL framework, the A stands for Ads. Here’s the deal - we’ve noticed that a lot of folks have killer keywords, campaign structure, and bids, but their ads are totally boring. To fix that, we have gone wild building new tools that will have your ads skyrocketing to the top of the pack with features like: 

AI Ad Writer

Our Write For Me (AI) feature which is like having a top-notch PPC copywriter in your pocket.

AI Ad Rewriter

Combine it with our Magic Rewriter and watch your ad writing time get sliced in half!

Ad Recommendations

Our ad recommendations panel has everything you need, from dynamic keyword insertion to powerful words and landing page solutions. Say goodbye to boring ads and hello to exciting, results-driven campaigns!

Share Ad Sets

You can now even share ad sets with other users!

New Landing Page Analysis

Convert more customers with better landing pages!

Focusing on the first L in the TALL Framework will see you create high-performing landing pages that actually convert. We have managed to integrate some kick arse AI technology into these features, which will help you optimize your pages for maximum effect! These include:

Landing Page Analysis Tool

The SpeedPPC platform offers a Landing Page Analysis tool and dynamic keyword insertion options to help you optimize page speed, headline score, and content score to improve engagement.

AI Attention Tracking

Our new landing page tool uses advanced AI attention prediction to show you what your visitors are focusing on and offers loads of recommendations to boost conversions.

New LTV Sales Funnel Maps

Increase your customer lifetime value with a better funnel!

The final L in the TALL framework stands for Lifetime Value (LTV), and it’s crucial to your success. Let’s be real, the reason a lot of people give up on PPC is because they spend more on ads than they make in profit. But we’ve got a solution - instead of just looking at one sale, focus on the big picture and think about how much money you can make from a customer over their whole lifetime and we have the following fancy features to make this happen:

Funnel Planner

Use our new Funnel Maps planner to learn about the importance of Lifetime Value (LTV) in PPC advertising and how to design a sales funnel that can make money from each individual customer.

Flexible Drag & Drop

Add different sources, scenarios, actions, and blocks to your funnel map and analyze the results to make your site more profitable and successful.

Scenario Planning Reports

Once you have run different scenarios, you can then view the results of your different models and run reports on the sales funnel analysis.

New Campaign Builder Improvements

Convert more customers with better landing pages!

Our campaign builder has always been the heart and soul of SpeedPPC and it still has a lot of love to give.  We have added lots of new little features to help you continue to build highly targeted campaigns with higher click-through rates and better conversion rates than ever before.

Improved Campaign Building

We know how frustrating it can be when you spend time setting up a campaign, only to find out that you’ve used the wrong token so we now have a feature that checks to see if you’re using the right tokens, and gives you a heads up if you’re not.

More Powerful Tokens

We’ve also added more powerful fallback tokens and nested fallbacks to give you more control and flexibility over your text.

Better Saved Keyword List & Ads Management

We've improved the way that you interact with your saved keywords and ad sets to make it easier for you to find and use them within the campaign builder.

New SpeedPPC Community

Increase your customer lifetime value with a better funnel!

We are super excited to welcome you to our vibrant new Community Section! We’ve created a space for all users to connect, share their experiences, and learn from one another. There is definitely something for everyone and we have jam packed the following features into our SpeedPPC Community:

Brand New Community

We’ve set up a new community where you can mingle with other PPC enthusiasts, swap war stories, and generally have a blast.

New Knowledgebase

Inside this community is our Knowledgebase, which has all kinds of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of SpeedPPC. You’ll find articles, videos, FAQs, and all sorts of other helpful goodies.

New Crash Course

If you’re new to SpeedPPC, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with our Crash Course in the Community Section. It’s a quick and easy way to get up to speed on everything you need to know.

Discussion Forum

We’ve also got a Discussion Forum where you can chat with other users and pick their brains about PPC. It’s a great place to swap ideas and learn new strategies.

Live Events & Office Hours

Last but not least, we’re planning to launch some live events in this space, so you can meet us in person and hang out with other members of the community. We can’t wait to see you there!

New DKI Landing Page Products

Dynamic Keyword Insertion for both Wordpress and Cloudflare users

We are also thrilled to announce two exciting new products that you have been asking for and that will help you take your PPC campaigns to the next level. These are available for customers on Solo+ and Agency plans.

Wordpress DKI Plugin

A cutting-edge DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion) WordPress Plugin, enabling you to use DKI on as many of your landing pages as you like. Includes unlimited tokens for replacement.

Read more here.

Cloudflare DKI

A Cloudflare DKI solution, perfect for those using Cloudflare who want to transform their landing pages with DKI magic.

Read more here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We've answers.

Where does your Keyword Data come from?

We use one of the biggest and best datasets (SEMRush) for keyword data outside of Google with 23.7 billion keywords, 142 geo databases and 808 million domain profiles.

How do I buy the DKI Landing Page products?

We don't sell these individually. If you are on a Solo+ or Agency plan, you can use them for free while you are subscribed.

Does SpeedPPC work for Facebook?

Not at this stage. Probably never, if we're being honest. But hey, never say never. Except when saying never, say never. ;)

Can you build a campaign for me?

Yes! With the Solo+ and Agency plans, we offer a "Built For Me" session where you can book some time with us and we'll build out a campaign together.

Do you have a refund policy?

Best believe! We have a free trial, plus a refund policy. We guarantee that if you apply the TALL strategy and after 60 days you don't make back more than the cost of SpeedPPC we will refund you.

So what's this SpeedPPC guarantee all about?

It's pretty simple. Consider it a handshake agreement.

If you genuinely try out the TALL Framework and the SpeedPPC platform and after 60 days, you haven't at least covered the costs of SpeedPPC, we'll refund you 100% of your SpeedPPC subscription.

Let us know within 60 days and we'll trigger the refund and cancel your subscription.

Still have questions? Contact us here!

What real users are saying...

We don't need to toot our own horn. Others do that for us!

No Kidding, They Are FAST

I've been going thru many Google Ads trainings, working with industrial professionals in Google Ads, and SpeedPPC's training video already shows way more effective, organize Google ads practices! As name suggest SpeedPPC - I've launched a whole new set of campaigns (more organized) in 1/10 time I would on Google Ads platform directly. Amazed. 5-stars.

So Impressed and Support Is Amazing

I have been so impressed with SpeedPPC as I’m an absolute beginner. I’ve been able to launch my ads now and can’t wait to see what it does but so far so good. To be able to launch ads in mass when the agency I was using gave me 3-8 ads for $2000/month. . .

Speedy Like The Name

Speed PPC is a great tool for anyone looking to start or grow a PPC campaign. The export features are perfect for sharing your campaigns with other managers, and the keyword research tool is a particularly helpful addition.

Relevant Ads Fast

I'm glad I jumped into SpeedPPC. I created a campaign yesterday and am already seeing impressions, clicks, and results. SpeedPPC feels like a pro-marketers personal set of Excel templates that he paid an engineer to turn into a product. Their software estimates they saved me 46 hours of setup time. They are probably right. I wouldn't have been able to find and input all the keyword combinations myself.

Speed Boost

The thematic campaign with keyword listing mixing, along with recommendations during ads building is a very valuable feature for beginners. I was having Google Ads UX bugged out on me every time, having disconnections, unable to download reports and non-responsive clicks on the ads and ads group. SpeedPPC flow makes things ALOT easier and fast.

SpeedPPC is the SOLUTION!

Now I have a better understanding of PPC and what KPI's I need to pay attention to, plus I have learned more about how to use SpeedPPC and thematic keyword campaigns. SpeedPPC is also adding a new tool that will analyze my landing page and make recommendations. SpeedPPC is gonna blow you away!


What did I just do? How did I end up with 257,853 keywords, 128 ad groups, and 300 ads in less than 10 minutes! Tons of keyword groups, ads generated using their AI, ad groups, keyword sets, plus a lot more I have not learned about yet. All done in a matter of a few minutes! I said "screw it" let's just follow instructions and upload this campaign - blown away again! Instantly Google liked it!

If You Are On Fence, Then Get Off It and Try It Out!

If you run google ads, you need this, you will save the cost of it in one campaign alone on reduced CPC. Anyway, if you are on fence, then get off it and try it out, you will be blown away by the sophistication of this software and yet it is easy to use.

It Saves So Much Time On Managing Google Ads

I'm impressed with how easy it is to roll out ads in record time. In a week, I'll know the conversion rate and performance of the ads! I just posted 500+ ads and 1000 keywords each meticulously targeted and matching using SpeedPPC! All this took under 1 hour.

Exceeded My Expectations

My experience with SpeedPPC is one that has exceeded my expectations because they have proved to me via the quality of their product, the results I have obtained from using SpeedPPC, and their above-and-beyond customer support, that this is a well-thought-out, results-driven, kick-ass tool!

As I become experienced in PPC, I discover more of the power and advantage that SpeedPPC gives me. I love this tool, and already am benefiting from the initial use of this product. I recommend it!

Turbo Charged PPC Campaign Setup

SpeedPPC is an extremely powerful platform and offers a lot of customizable features to users. I'm really impressed with how quickly the platform is able to create, edit and manage accounts as well as their reports. The platform also offers great insights into how various ads are performing and what changes can be made to them to improve click-through rates or bid strategies.

SpeedPPC Review

We have been using SpeedPPC in our company as we run multiple Google Ads Campaigns and this tool has been helping us to manage our ad campaigns effortlessly. I am impressed with the interface of this tool which allows us to setup different google campaigns, add keywords and the interface is quite similar to Google Ads. Using this tool, we have been comfortable to manage multiple campaigns without headache

SpeedPPC Helps Us To Easily Manage Multiple Google Adwords Campaigns

SpeedPPC helps us to manage multiple Google AdWords campaigns. The best thing about this tool is that we can easily add campaigns separately on different campaigns and categorize them. The interface of this tool is great and I can easily understand the tool. Managing multiple campaigns simultaneously becomes very easy with help of this tool.

Finally, a faster and better way to run PPC campaigns

I really like the speed and the time it takes to get a high converting Google Adwords Campaign up and running. It is awesome! The ability to quickly setup highly targeted PPC ad campaigns. No more long hours of setting each ad up. So much time saved. So many keyword possibilities.

An Accelerator For Google Ads

I love the speed and ease with which I can create highly targeted, high converting PPC campaigns on google. Before coming across this SaaS, the campaign making used to eat so much into my time and yet not deliver as effective ads as I am churning out now with SpeedPPC.

It Saves An Enormous Amount Of Time

It's very easy to use. You don't have to be a skilled Ads manager and you'll be able to understand it very easily. You can even run keyword research, saves those words and use them for your campaign. You can even use a "shared campaign" and work with your teammates or clients.

One Tool That Does What I Need

I'm new to PPC world and like that fact that i can do both keyword research and ad setup. I have used agencies before and all I find is that they know less than me even if i'm new to this space. I'm loving the functionality so far and looking forward to training my team to run ads for me.

Turbo Charge Your PPC Campaigns

SpeedPPC is an extremely powerful platform and offers a lot of customisable features to users. I'm really impressed with how quickly the platform is able to create, edit and manage accounts as well as their reports. The platform also offers great insights into how various ads are performing and what changes can be made to them to improve click-through rates or bid strategies.

It's Called SpeedPPC For A Reason!

I love how FAST I can create a campaign, Ads, Ad Groups, Keywords, and Keyword Sets for both Google and Microsoft Ads. Less than an hour after purchasing SpeedPPC and watching one of their tutorial videos I had a campaign with 92 Adgroups and 1012 keywords with 2 match types uploaded into Google Ads!

Nothing has Helped Me Reach My Goals as Much as SpeedPPC

For years I was lost as to how to put Google Adwords Adgroups together to ensure the best chance for success, how to properly target PPC campaigns and decrease cost. But SpeedPPC changed all that for me. And I absolutely LOVE the new, simple and slick interface.

I Could Never Do Without it Anymore!!!

SpeedPPC is amazing, I could never do without it anymore!!! And the videos are awesome!! You share a lot of information. Thank you so much!!!

500+ Leads/Day in One of the Most Competitive Markets

The volume is up, and could be a ton more if I had the buyers, but the cost per conversion is down $3 on the first day with out optimizing the good and bad converting keywords. May not sound like much, but I am getting 500+ leads/day in one of the most competitive markets in the US.

I Friggin Love You!

You’re a friggin genius mate. Brilliant – no other word for it. Let me give you an example.

When I wanted connected keywords, I used to do it manually in Excel. Now its automatic – one button!!

Like Having Extra Staff in the Office Working for Free…

SpeedPPC has slashed the time it takes to get accounts set up, it’s literally like having extra staff in the office working for free and has saved us thousands of hours work.

I can’t recommend it enough. It’ll be the best ROI of any money you ever spend!

Best Piece of Software I Ever Bought

I’ve used SpeedPPC nearly everyday and often tell people it’s the best piece of software I ever bought. It’s amazing how easy and fast it makes PPC. I would wholeheartedly recommend SpeedPPC to anyone that is serious about making a real living with PPC.

5 Minutes Instead of All Day

I still value my time as much as the next guy and the time SpeedPPC saves me is massive compared to what I used to spend on my PPC campaigns. Whenever I need to make a high volume of changes to my campaigns it usually takes me about 5 minutes instead of all day – no exaggeration.

More Campaigns Mean More Chances of Profiting

I can also come out with more campaigns in a shorter time and this gives me an advantage above those who do not use SpeedPPC. More campaigns mean more chances of profiting and finding a profitable campaign in a shorter time!


SpeedPPC is by far the greatest time saving piece of software created that is essential to any serious PPC/Affiliate marketers arsenal. Without this you are wasting hours of time to do this manually and we all know that time = money!”

A Time Saving Device

I love SpeedPPC. I am new to PPC campaigns and I grabbed SpeedPPC right off the bat when I saw what it could do and how much time it saved me.

I now set up all my campaigns with it. I am thrilled to see it include Yahoo!!

What Used to Be Hours... Takes Me a Few Minutes Now

I was able to increase my income multiple times as I could set up a huge number of campaigns. Also my quality score has improved a lot – this brings my click costs down. I love it!

Thank You For This Brilliant Tool

I’m new to PPC and bought SpeedPPC right at the beginning of my PPC adventure. I tested it once and even though I know very little about what I’m doing so far, I found SpeedPPC easy to implement.

Thank You for Saving Me Thousands of Hours!

The keyword list help alone is incredible. I was able to buff out my whole business marketing plan within a very short amount of time. This is an extremely useful tool that I feel will help for many more campaigns to come. Keep up the great work you guys.

Your Software is a Necessity

The software and support covers everything a professional in the PPC industry or an internet marketer would want in a PPC tool if they really want it to own a particular niche or market in the PPC world without spending hours.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to Miss Out on SpeedPPC!

Well, to cut a long story short: If you are serious about PPC Marketing, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to miss out on SPPC!By the way: they have one of the best customer services I know of.

Just Wanted To Say SpeedPPC is Fantastic!!!

SpeedPPC is now even more important to me that the acclaimed Adwords Editor. SpeedPPC does increase your odds of success. All in all, a fantastic piece of work is this SpeedPPC!!!!!

One Hell of an Amazing Piece of Software

I was blown away by the great features of SpeedPPC. I could crank out campaigns, large or small, in record time. ONE HELL OF AN AMAZING PIECE OF SOFTWARE!

322 Ad Groups…under 10 Minutes

I have been uploading very big campaigns with a ton of highly targeted ad groups very easily, quickly and flawlessly. It almost feels like cheating! Dude, you seriously are giving every person that gets this software and uses PPC a ginormous pay raise this year.

Total Dominance on Google Ads

SpeedPPC helped us achieve total dominance on Google Ads Australia. With highly focused ad groups, we could create very targeted ads that helped us increase our click through rates. It also lowered our costs as well as expanded our keyword reach.

It Addicts You in a Positive Way to Best Practice!

The “warp speed” part in the sales copy sounds a bit outlandish- but to be honest: SpeedPPC really makes you feel it. Mr Stockwell, in doing PPC since 2004 and spending easily 8,000 US on software, this is easily one of THE best buys I made so far.

Replacing 2 Full-time Data Entry Operators

I can create a campaign that would have taken these 2 employees weeks to create, in a few hours… And that’s just creating the ads, doesn’t even take into consideration the fact that I can get a unique landing page targeted for each keyword! This feature alone is worth its weight in gold!

Gives the Word Automation a Whole New Meaning!

SpeedPPC is one of the BEST Tools our PPC Management firm uses to compete in the most competitive of markets… ringtones, insurance, loans… you name it – it gives the word ‘automation’ a whole new meaning!

I Can’t Stress How BIG this App Is

Minutes later, after using SpeedPPC, I was left with a campaign that would have otherwise taken me HOURS to complete. I can’t stress how BIG this app is to anyone using Google Ads.

An Incredibly Powerful Tool

SpeedPPC is an incredibly powerful tool. If your goal is to outrun and outmaneuver your competition, then this tool will help you to masterfully setup your AdWords account at a tiny fraction of the time.

It’s a Steal!

If you are a regular PPC advertiser, you should grab a copy before Jay wakes up and raises the price.

I Highly Recommend It...

This PPC system is simple to use and fantastic. The main benefits are that it helps you create very targeted ad groups with individual landing pages tied to every individual keyword. I highly recommend it for serious PPC marketers.

The TALL Framework

Follow this strategy to make your campaigns succeed instead of suck.

Find improvements in your targeting through better keyword selection.

Write more targeted ads that get higher CTR & Ad Rank. Giving you more volume!

Drive higher Quality Scores, lower costs and get more conversions.

If you don't make enough money from each customer, your campaign will fail.

Want to learn more about the overall TALL strategy? Find out more.


There is nothing to lose...

Try SpeedPPC and if you don't improve your PPC lead generation profits by more than the subscription cost, we'll refund you.

AI Powered

We leverage the latest AI capabilities to help you become a superhero when it comes to creating successful PPC campaigns.


Like any software, if SpeedPPC doesn't at least pay for itself, you shouldn't be using it. The difference is we actually guarantee it.

So what's this SpeedPPC guarantee all about?

It's pretty simple. Consider it a handshake agreement.

If you genuinely try out the TALL Framework and the SpeedPPC platform and after 60 days, you haven't at least covered the costs of SpeedPPC, we'll refund you 100% of your SpeedPPC subscription.

Let us know within 60 days and we'll trigger the refund and cancel your subscription.

Fast Support

We actually care about your success and we aim to get your the support you need as quickly as possible.

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