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SpeedPPC creates incredibly targeted campaigns in less time

Normally it’s just accepted that high-performing PPC campaigns take a long time to create.

If you want great Quality Scores, high click-through rates and good conversions, you can’t take shortcuts. Your campaign has to have a high degree of relevancy between the original search term, the ad, and the landing page.

Manually creating individually targeted ads and landing pages for all but the smallest campaigns is time-consuming, tedious, boring and it sucks.

That’s why we built SpeedPPC.

SpeedPPC automates the most tedious and laborious parts of building targeted campaigns, so you don’t fry your brain copying, pasting and tweaking hundreds of ad groups.

You can now build high-performing, super-targeted campaigns in less time than it would take to create a ho-hum campaign by hand.

Better quality score. Lower costs. More clicks. More conversions. And you can do it all in your lunch break. Twice.

How fast is SpeedPPC, really?

Let’s look at building a simple campaign for accommodation in every US city. Here’s what it would take to do it by hand, versus using SpeedPPC.

That’s an accommodation campaign for every city in the United States, done in under 10 minutes!

  • 1 Campaign
  • 436 Ad groups
  • 2,616 Directly matched and targeted ads (6 per ad group)
  • 4,360 Highly targeted keywords
  • 4,360 Perfectly keyword matched landing pages
  • 4,360 Tracking codes to trace back to profits

Saving over $12,170 (depending on how much value you place on your time).

In reality, most people wouldn’t spend 487 hours creating super-targeted campaigns by hand. They would spend 4 hours creating a generic campaign, and see less than astounding results.

With SpeedPPC there’s no need for compromise. You can have a highly-targeted, high-performing campaign in minutes.

See the results in your back pocket

A well-built, targeted campaign gives you better profit margins, which means more freedom to scale things up for more traffic and more sales.

SpeedPPC helps you target thousands (and thousands) of more specific long-tail keywords, which all add up to big traffic at a fraction of the price.

Whether you’re targeting 10 keywords or 10,000 keywords — it’s just as easy.

  • Higher click-through rate: Your ads are more appealing because they’re more targeted. More people will click on them, which gives you a better click-through rate. Better click-through rate means cheaper clicks.

  • Higher conversions: Your landing pages are now more targeted, which means more people will buy. This means you’ve increased your ROI. Nice one!

  • Better quality score: Because of the high degree of relevancy between your ads, landing pages and keywords, you’ll get much better quality score. This lowers the cost of your traffic, further increasing your profit margin. You can also use your savings to bump up your bids, getting a higher position. This gives you more traffic.

  • Target better performing keywords, better: More specific keywords tend to convert better, but not when you hit them with just a one-size-fits-all ad and landing page. Now you can build specific ads and landing pages for these quality keywords, and leave your competitors in the dust.

It’s a beautiful, beautiful snowball effect, and it all comes from just doing it right.

Why not give it a try today?

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