Why You Need to Use Ad Extensions

We've written about Google's ad extension options in the past and so by now we have to believe that anyone who manages a Google PPC account is using them. If you are not here are some reasons for doing so. You should enable all extensions that make sense for your business. The reason why is because ad extensions not only make your ads more useful and engaging to users they're also factored into your Ad Rank! The three most important

“Auto-magic” and Dynamic Sitelinks

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" -Arthur C. Clarke I'm not a big fan of "automagic" PPC. To me that means any script or software or other automated process that takes the "work" out of PPC. I like to review my own keywords and ads, manually bid, manually adjust bid, and review my own data. This is because (imo) no script yet written or software yet developed can take the place of human insight, intuition and experience. When