PPC: Now and in the Future More Important Than Ever!

A few posts ago we wrote about Google's experiments with banner ads and image carousels, the moving of Google Shopping images from the SERP right hand corner to the top of the organics as well as sitelinks and other extensions and how all this is pushing organics below the fold. Indeed in one study it was shown that depending on the company doing the advertising and which type of advertising was being used, organics were pushed to the lower 12%

The Discreet Charm of Ad Extensions

Yes its another post about Google's AdWords Ad Extensions. Why? Because this is important. Because ad extensions really do change the PPC landscape in more ways than one. As said in our last post, Adwords ad position use to be determined by two metrics: your Max Bid times your Quality Score. Now ad position is determined by your Max Bid times your Quality Score plus your ad extension relevance, click through rates, and “the prominence of the extensions or formats

Ad Extensions and the AdWords Ad Rank Algorithm

Anyone who has spent anytime on this blog or read the documentation on our training site or who understands anything at all about how the alchemy behind AdWords works knows that Google decides where your ad appears on its SERP using an algorithm known as "Ad Rank". Ad Rank is calculated using your Max CPC bid multiplied by your Quality Score. Or that's how it use to work. What you may not yet know is that Google is now also