Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? New Google Mobile-friendly Algorithm Coming!

When Google first made the switch from the AdWords "legacy" platform to the now not so new "enhanced" platform I wrote in a blog that at that point in time whether or not your website was responsive or mobile friendly was not an issue but that down the road it almost certainly would become a factor. It becomes a factor April 21st 2015. The below comes direct from Google: "When it comes to search on mobile devices, users should get

Web Site Design in a Multi-Device Online Universe

We live in a multi-device online universe. Individuals regularly interface with your website via any number of devices including smart phones, tablets, laptops, netbooks and of course desktop computers. During the day while on the road or wherever we may be, many of us do our product or service research on a smart phone or tablet or netbook then later on, once we get home, make a purchase or submit a request for more information using our desktop. This multi-device