New PPC Account? Top 5 Questions You Must Ask

If you use SpeedPPC to build campaigns for others rather than yourself (as many of you do) then when you are taking on a new client - especially one that has never done PPC before - there are a number of questions you absolutely must know the answers to before you spend a single second doing any keyword research or campaign build planning. Goals Simply put what are the client's goals? What do they hope to acheive via PPC? Sales?

Stop Blowing Your PPC Budget

According to one source a typical PPC account wastes as much as 25% and even more of its total paid search spend on poor quality traffic or by spending too much on clicks. In this blog we're going to look at some of the biggest money wasters and what you can do to rein them in. Is Broad Match the Best Match? One of the biggest money wasters is the overuse of broad match keywords. Remember that when you use