Simple PPC Tweaks to Improve Performance #8: Using the Search Query Report

I often tell the story of taking on a new client who had been running PPC for quite some time. One of the first things I did was review their search query report for the past year and because neither they nor whoever had been managing the account had been reviewing this report the client had lost thousands of dollars in irrelevant clicks. By adding these low and no relevance keywords as negatives we were able to turn the account

Negative Keywords : A Primer

Negatives are important because they eliminate unqualified traffic from seeing and possibly clicking on your ads which in turn helps you cut down on wasted spend. I remember one client who was selling an air purification product that - I can't remember the exact brand name - but the model name/number included something like 15-X. When I first started managing the account, which had been running for quite some time, I noticed that this ad group had a huge number

PPC Professional Checklist

Are you a PPC Professional? Whether you are someone who manages a single PPC account for a single company or multiple accounts for multiple companies, if you live, breath and dream PPC then - to paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy - you just might be a PPC Professional! And literally thousands of PPC Professional use SpeedPPC. The reasons are straightforward - SpeedPPC lets you.... Create tighter relevancy between search term, ad and landing page. Quickly improve your Google Quality Score (thereby lowering

The Importance of Negative Keywords

One study I read about recently said that almost half of all PPC advertisers don't add a single keyword to their accounts over the period of a month. That doesn't mean they don't use negative keywords - but that considerable amounts of time may pass before they add even a single one. Building a negative keyword list is not a priority for them. And that's a big mistake. As we know the way you get your ads in front of

Stop Blowing Your PPC Budget

According to one source a typical PPC account wastes as much as 25% and even more of its total paid search spend on poor quality traffic or by spending too much on clicks. In this blog we're going to look at some of the biggest money wasters and what you can do to rein them in. Is Broad Match the Best Match? One of the biggest money wasters is the overuse of broad match keywords. Remember that when you use