Growing Your PPC in 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We here at SpeedPPC hope your 2014 was a successful and profitable one - and we wish you the same for 2015! Let's jump into it then and talk about growing your PPC in 2015. We'll assume that you have already used SpeedPPC to build your PPC Search campaigns and that those are thriving and doing very well for you. Because they are doing so well you or your client(s) want to expand and test some new

PPC Checklist Episode #5 : Landing Pages

So you've got a fantastic campaign set up. You've done your keyword research. You've crafted your ad copy. You've got all the pieces in place. Now its time to turn that sucker on and start driving traffic and sales to your website.... Whoa! Hold on. let's not forget to check the place we are driving that traffic to - your landing page. Without telling tales I far too often find that the landing page is the weakest link in the