Just a Reminder….QUALITY SCORE!

The past few posts we've looked at upcoming trends in PPC (specifically AdWords) for 2015. This time around we want to post a reminder that as important as all these shiny new options are keeping the basics in mind is even more so. There's little that is more important to the success of an AdWords PPC campaign than your Quality Scores. High Quality Scores - that is 6/10 and above - almost always mean your campaigns will be more successful.

Optimizing Your SpeedPPC Campaigns Post-Upload

Now that your SpeedPPC campaign(s) have been uploaded and have been running for a bit of time with strong quality scores and low click costs, with high CTR and more than decent conversions, all due to the SpeedPPC generated highly relevant keyword+adcopy+landing page knock-out combo...how can you nudge campaign performance still higher? Here's a couple ideas: Dynamic Keyword Insertion Okay yeah sure we used this when building the campaign to insert our keyword combos into our ad headline and/or ad

Creating Super Massive Keyword Campaigns in SpeedPPC – You Can But Should You?

Occasionally we get emails from SpeedPPC users who have decided to build PPC campaigns of 100K, 200K, 300K and even 400K keywords! That's a super massive amount of keywords. Now, if this is what you really need to do, that is if it really makes sense for you to build a 400,000 keyword campaign, then by all means - SpeedPPC allows you to do that. For example, let's say you are building a campaign for some superstore that carries tens

Searching for Long Tail Keywords

Long time SpeedPPC users know that the creation of long tail keywords is another area where SpeedPPC excels. Simply drop your well researched seed keyword list into the Keyword Set-Up, then add another two keyword lists either based on your own research or use our convenient "ready-made" expansion lists containing a plethora of action keywords, descriptive keywords, lead keywords, price keywords and more. Select every variation as your mix type and click Build. BAM! a veritible Long tail keyword-lollapalooza! You

Long Tail Keywords and The Curse of the Low Search Volume Status

Long time SpeedPPC users know that one of the areas in which SpeedPPC's Campaign Builder exceeds is in the creation of massive amounts of long tail keywords with a few clicks. The philosophy behind using long tail keywords is that these terms tend to be used by searchers who are further along in the purchasing process and so are more ready to buy. Long tail keywords also tend to cost far less on a per click basis than more general