PPC Professional Checklist

Are you a PPC Professional? Whether you are someone who manages a single PPC account for a single company or multiple accounts for multiple companies, if you live, breath and dream PPC then - to paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy - you just might be a PPC Professional! And literally thousands of PPC Professional use SpeedPPC. The reasons are straightforward - SpeedPPC lets you.... Create tighter relevancy between search term, ad and landing page. Quickly improve your Google Quality Score (thereby lowering

PPC: A Beginner’s Primer 2014

Believe it or not there are actually companies out there who have yet to dip their toes into the waters of PPC. Many of these are smaller companies who have been hesitant to test the waters because the advertising dollars just were not there. Yet now they are seeing their competitors ads appear when they "Google" terms they feel are relevant to their products or services. They realize they need to get into the game or risk losing customers. So

PPC Checklist Episode #1: Keywords

PPC management can sometimes get so complex. We get so bogged down in graphs and charts and testing A against B against C and making changes both minute and macro that we start to lose sight of the proverbial forest for all the trees. We spend so much time learning and testing new techniques and methodologies that we forget that the simple stuff can make all the difference in the world. Sometimes it can be a good thing to review

The Importance of Negative Keywords

One study I read about recently said that almost half of all PPC advertisers don't add a single keyword to their accounts over the period of a month. That doesn't mean they don't use negative keywords - but that considerable amounts of time may pass before they add even a single one. Building a negative keyword list is not a priority for them. And that's a big mistake. As we know the way you get your ads in front of

Searching for Long Tail Keywords

Long time SpeedPPC users know that the creation of long tail keywords is another area where SpeedPPC excels. Simply drop your well researched seed keyword list into the Keyword Set-Up, then add another two keyword lists either based on your own research or use our convenient "ready-made" expansion lists containing a plethora of action keywords, descriptive keywords, lead keywords, price keywords and more. Select every variation as your mix type and click Build. BAM! a veritible Long tail keyword-lollapalooza! You

Long Tail Keywords and The Curse of the Low Search Volume Status

Long time SpeedPPC users know that one of the areas in which SpeedPPC's Campaign Builder exceeds is in the creation of massive amounts of long tail keywords with a few clicks. The philosophy behind using long tail keywords is that these terms tend to be used by searchers who are further along in the purchasing process and so are more ready to buy. Long tail keywords also tend to cost far less on a per click basis than more general

Keyword Research Spotlight:URL Comparison Report

One of the new features of Cloud Edition that got us the most excited was the inclusion of a set of powerful keyword research tools that turned SpeedPPC into not "just" a PPC Campaign Builder but a complete PPC Research platform. It's been said many times before but always bears repeating - Every successful PPC campaign starts with a well researched keyword/search term list. You won't get anywhere without one and as most of you already know, finding (or not