Quality Time: Designing a Landing Page Google’s QS Algorithms Will Love

For many creative marketing people, entering your landing page URL into a new ad and submitting it to AdWords can be a nail-biting moment of worry. Will the quality score (QS) decide that your optimized, high-converting sales page isn't up to their standards of quality? If so, will your ad's position suffer, or perhaps fall off the first page altogether? It's no secret why this tension exists between marketers and the search giant. Google only wants meaty, content rich websites that

DKI and Dynamic Landing Pages: Perfect Pages in an Imperfect World – Part Two

The Imperfect World Rears Its Ugly Head Again If you have not already read Part One of this blog then please do so before continuing otherwise I fear much of what is below isn’t going to make a lick of sense. (And for the non-programmer it may be a bit of a tough slog regardless). In our last blog we discussed how you can use Speed PPC to create PPC ads that use dynamically inserted keywords to increase ad copy