PPC Professional Checklist

Are you a PPC Professional? Whether you are someone who manages a single PPC account for a single company or multiple accounts for multiple companies, if you live, breath and dream PPC then - to paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy - you just might be a PPC Professional! And literally thousands of PPC Professional use SpeedPPC. The reasons are straightforward - SpeedPPC lets you.... Create tighter relevancy between search term, ad and landing page. Quickly improve your Google Quality Score (thereby lowering

How Quality Scores are Calculated

An area where SpeedPPC excels is in the creation of highly relevant PPC campaigns where there is an extremely strong chain of relevancy running from keyword to ad copy and if you use our DKI code (or WordPress plug-in) or if you have a well designed landing page and website, that chain of relevancy continues extends to them. What's so great about that you might ask. A strong chain of relevancy running from keyword to ad to website is one