Top Trends for PPC 2015 Part Four: Remarketing

Remaketing ads are those ads that follow you about "reminding" you of some product or service you may have considering purchasing from some website you visited in search of said product and service. Remarketing ads can be quite annoying in some cases but they can also work. The first thing you need to do to get started with remarketing is create a remarketing list. Google defines a remarketing list as "a collection of cookies from people who visited your site".

Optimizing Your SpeedPPC Campaigns Post-Upload

Now that your SpeedPPC campaign(s) have been uploaded and have been running for a bit of time with strong quality scores and low click costs, with high CTR and more than decent conversions, all due to the SpeedPPC generated highly relevant keyword+adcopy+landing page knock-out can you nudge campaign performance still higher? Here's a couple ideas: Dynamic Keyword Insertion Okay yeah sure we used this when building the campaign to insert our keyword combos into our ad headline and/or ad

“Auto-magic” and Dynamic Sitelinks

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" -Arthur C. Clarke I'm not a big fan of "automagic" PPC. To me that means any script or software or other automated process that takes the "work" out of PPC. I like to review my own keywords and ads, manually bid, manually adjust bid, and review my own data. This is because (imo) no script yet written or software yet developed can take the place of human insight, intuition and experience. When