PPC Checklist Episode #5 : Landing Pages

So you've got a fantastic campaign set up. You've done your keyword research. You've crafted your ad copy. You've got all the pieces in place. Now its time to turn that sucker on and start driving traffic and sales to your website.... Whoa! Hold on. let's not forget to check the place we are driving that traffic to - your landing page. Without telling tales I far too often find that the landing page is the weakest link in the

PPC Ad Creation Best Practices

One of SpeedPPC's superpowers that is also one of my favorites is the ability to insert various keywords and keyword combinations into ad copy. The biggest bang for buck here is that by doing so you make your ad more relevant to the keyword being searched on which makes potential customers more likely to click and also makes Google happy. If Google sees a strong degree of relevancy between keyword being searched on and your ad copy - you are

The URL Template – What’s that all about anyway?

As simple as SpeedPPC is there's one aspect of the campaign building process that often causes a bit of confusion. It even confused us the first time we used it. And that is the URL Template. The URL Template is where you put your landing page URL and if you are sending traffic to a dynamic landing page (DLP), this is the URL that passes your keyword tokens (seed, expansion and/or final) to that page. The URL template is also