Creating “Laser-Targeted” Ad Groups with SpeedPPC

Recently I was reading an article that listed "common mistakes made with Google AdWords". One of these was putting too many keywords in an ad group. The consensus was that although it would be great to be able to "create a unique landing page and PPC ad for every keyword you target, so that your user’s experience is as laser-targeted as possible" would take forever to build and nobody has that kind of time. Obviously the writer has never used

PPC Ad Creation Best Practices

One of SpeedPPC's superpowers that is also one of my favorites is the ability to insert various keywords and keyword combinations into ad copy. The biggest bang for buck here is that by doing so you make your ad more relevant to the keyword being searched on which makes potential customers more likely to click and also makes Google happy. If Google sees a strong degree of relevancy between keyword being searched on and your ad copy - you are