Creating “Laser-Targeted” Ad Groups with SpeedPPC

Recently I was reading an article that listed "common mistakes made with Google AdWords". One of these was putting too many keywords in an ad group. The consensus was that although it would be great to be able to "create a unique landing page and PPC ad for every keyword you target, so that your user’s experience is as laser-targeted as possible" would take forever to build and nobody has that kind of time. Obviously the writer has never used

Optimizing Your SpeedPPC Campaigns Post-Upload

Now that your SpeedPPC campaign(s) have been uploaded and have been running for a bit of time with strong quality scores and low click costs, with high CTR and more than decent conversions, all due to the SpeedPPC generated highly relevant keyword+adcopy+landing page knock-out can you nudge campaign performance still higher? Here's a couple ideas: Dynamic Keyword Insertion Okay yeah sure we used this when building the campaign to insert our keyword combos into our ad headline and/or ad

PPC Ad Creation Best Practices

One of SpeedPPC's superpowers that is also one of my favorites is the ability to insert various keywords and keyword combinations into ad copy. The biggest bang for buck here is that by doing so you make your ad more relevant to the keyword being searched on which makes potential customers more likely to click and also makes Google happy. If Google sees a strong degree of relevancy between keyword being searched on and your ad copy - you are

Improving Quality Scores with SpeedPPC Dynamic Landing Pages

Another SpeedPPC superpower is our dynamic landing page insertion code. Here you set up a .php page (or if you are using Wordpress you can use our WP plug-in) to create a landing page that allows you to pass keyword tokens into the copy on that page. For example, if your {final} keyword is "Weight Loss Center" and someone searches for "Weight Loss Center" SpeedPPC will pass that keyword phrase not only to your ad's headline or body, it will

The URL Template – What’s that all about anyway?

As simple as SpeedPPC is there's one aspect of the campaign building process that often causes a bit of confusion. It even confused us the first time we used it. And that is the URL Template. The URL Template is where you put your landing page URL and if you are sending traffic to a dynamic landing page (DLP), this is the URL that passes your keyword tokens (seed, expansion and/or final) to that page. The URL template is also

How Quality Scores are Calculated

An area where SpeedPPC excels is in the creation of highly relevant PPC campaigns where there is an extremely strong chain of relevancy running from keyword to ad copy and if you use our DKI code (or WordPress plug-in) or if you have a well designed landing page and website, that chain of relevancy continues extends to them. What's so great about that you might ask. A strong chain of relevancy running from keyword to ad to website is one

Keyword Research Spotlight:URL Comparison Report

One of the new features of Cloud Edition that got us the most excited was the inclusion of a set of powerful keyword research tools that turned SpeedPPC into not "just" a PPC Campaign Builder but a complete PPC Research platform. It's been said many times before but always bears repeating - Every successful PPC campaign starts with a well researched keyword/search term list. You won't get anywhere without one and as most of you already know, finding (or not

DKI and Dynamic Landing Pages: Perfect Pages in an Imperfect World – Part One

Any one who has spent any time in the Adwords universe knows the importance of relevance and quality score. My own personal term for this is the Adwords Triumvirate. So what - you may very well ask - does that mean? Adwords Triumvirate What I mean when I say (or write) Adwords Triumvirate is: The keyword used by the potential customer must be reflected somewhere in your ad copy and your landing page must both reflect your ad copy and