Quality Score: What’s It All Mean?

Is it me or has the PPC space become incredibly crowded? Quick Answer: It's Not Me! Based on an admittedly less than scientific study I've done, just about every "mainstream" search term generates on average 10 PPC ads, a goodly number of Google Shopping images and around 5-7 Google+Business listings. Standing out amongst all this clutter is not easy even if you are using best practices which includes a high degree of relevancy between the keyword phrased searched upon and

The Importance of Being Relevant

Let's face it, in terms of search and CPC/PPC we live in a Google dominated universe. According to the most recent statistics (November 2010) Google holds close to 75% of the search market and 80% of the PPC market. This pretty much puts to shame the combined Yahoo and MSN/Bing market share which is just under 10% and 20% respectively. So although it is probably worth the effort to put some of your proverbial eggs in the MSN/Bing basket –

DKI and Dynamic Landing Pages: Perfect Pages in an Imperfect World – Part One

Any one who has spent any time in the Adwords universe knows the importance of relevance and quality score. My own personal term for this is the Adwords Triumvirate. So what - you may very well ask - does that mean? Adwords Triumvirate What I mean when I say (or write) Adwords Triumvirate is: The keyword used by the potential customer must be reflected somewhere in your ad copy and your landing page must both reflect your ad copy and