“Auto-magic” and Dynamic Sitelinks

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" -Arthur C. Clarke I'm not a big fan of "automagic" PPC. To me that means any script or software or other automated process that takes the "work" out of PPC. I like to review my own keywords and ads, manually bid, manually adjust bid, and review my own data. This is because (imo) no script yet written or software yet developed can take the place of human insight, intuition and experience. When

PPC: Now and in the Future More Important Than Ever!

A few posts ago we wrote about Google's experiments with banner ads and image carousels, the moving of Google Shopping images from the SERP right hand corner to the top of the organics as well as sitelinks and other extensions and how all this is pushing organics below the fold. Indeed in one study it was shown that depending on the company doing the advertising and which type of advertising was being used, organics were pushed to the lower 12%

More Fun with AdWords Ad Extensions

Okay, so you've done your keyword research, carefully crafted your ad copy and built your AdWords campaign (all using SpeedPPC of course). You've imported your campaign into AdWords Editor, you've checked the campaign and you've uploaded to your AdWords account. You probably gave your uploaded campaign a final review to make sure all looks good and you've gone live. Your campaign has run for a bit of time. You check in frequently to review your data and based on that