Simple PPC Tweaks to Improve Performance #7: Ad Extensions

So you've got keywords with great quality scores, they've got statuses of above average expected clickthrough rate, above average ad relevance and above average landing page experience, and you've got great CTR which is giving you top of page position at very reasonable click costs. How can you make things even better? How about ad extensions. Ad extensions allow your ad to grab additional SERP real estate. With ad extensions you can include information such as a phone number, locations,

More Fun with AdWords Ad Extensions

Okay, so you've done your keyword research, carefully crafted your ad copy and built your AdWords campaign (all using SpeedPPC of course). You've imported your campaign into AdWords Editor, you've checked the campaign and you've uploaded to your AdWords account. You probably gave your uploaded campaign a final review to make sure all looks good and you've gone live. Your campaign has run for a bit of time. You check in frequently to review your data and based on that