SpeedPPC Upgrade Update

Some major upgrades hit SpeedPPC this month. A quick overview below.

Convert Standard Ads to Expanded Ads

Old saved Standard Ad sets can now be converted to expanded ads. There is a Convert button as shown on the following screenshot:(https://prntscr.com/edvxmq) where you can open in Expanded ad set page. However sets are not automatically saved so don’t forget to click the Save button.

New ads will be missing the Headline2, Path1 & Path2 because these were not part of the original standard ad. Remember to manually update those fields and of course remember to Save.

Advanced Ad Creation Function now Generates Expanded Ads

Our famous Advance Ad Set function which allows you to create about a gazillion standard ad variations has now been converted to Expanded Ads so you can now create a gazillion expanded ad variations if you so feel the need.

Standard to Expanded

On Campaign Page Ads setup also, You can now import Standard ads to Expanded ads.

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