A couple/few weeks ago the software development team here at SpeedPPC quietly rolled out the ability to create AdWords expanded ads and call only ads. Expanded ads because standard ads are going the way of the dinosaur very very soon (as soon as October 26th we’ve heard) and Call-Only because that is a feature long requested by a goodly number of SpeedPPC users. Currently SpeedPPC still has the ability to create standard ads but that will cease to be the case as soon as AdWords stops accepting and running standard ads.

If you are not yet in the process of making the transition from standard to expanded…man you had better get on that! SpeedPPC will certainly help speed that process up!

Currently if you use our advanced ad function, that allows you to create large numbers of ad variations of standard ads. Once standard ads go wherever standard ads go when they are retired – we expect to update the advanced ad function so you will be able to use it to create large numbers of expanded ad variations. Watch for the roll-out on that.