SpeedPPC for In-House Marketers

10x your in-house capabilities without adding staff

When you’re an in-house marketer, you want to make sure the money you’re spending on marketing is actually working.

With PPC you only pay when it actually works at getting people to your website — you’re not just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. So you’re already a step ahead of businesses who rely on the local yellow pages. Nice one!

With SpeedPPC you’re able to step this up a notch and ensure that your ads are actually reaching the people who are most interested in your business, and most likely to buy what you’re offering.

It also helps you lower the costs of this form of advertising. Basically you get more bang for less buck. That’s pretty good news for your marketing budget.

Here’s how it works.

Target customers who will actually buy

When you’re paying good money for each visitor to your website, it’s better to focus on getting visitors who are more likely to buy your product.

Where a lot of businesses go wrong is in creating very general campaigns to target very general search terms. A bike shop might try to get their ad showing up when someone searches for “bike shop” “bicycle store” “cycle shop” etc.

These search terms might get a lot of people searching for them, but the traffic you get is lower quality. You don’t really know what these people are wanting. You may end up paying for traffic that will never buy anything.

Compare this to a customer who is searching for a particular brand of bike. It’s pretty clear what they’re wanting — especially if they’re searching for the model as well.

Bidding on a search term like “Scotts bikes” is a lot more targeted.

You might not get as many visitors, but the visitors you do get will be much more likely to buy, and you won’t be paying for tire-kickers (so to speak).

SpeedPPC helps you quickly target these more-specific keywords that typically deliver better results. You can set up a campaign to chase hundreds (or thousands!) of specific keywords in just a few minutes.

Create ads that actually sell

When someone searches for “Scotts bikes” and gets to the results page, which ad do you think they’re more likely to click on?

My money is on the ad that actually talks about the product they were searching for. The search engines think the same way, and reward more targeted ads with higher Quality Score and lower costs. The ad on the left probably costs a lot less to run, as well as being more effective.

The problem here is that it simply takes too long to write specific ads for every single search term. You could be looking at hours or days of work to create separate ad groups and specific ads for 300 different models of bicycle. This is even more painful if your stock changes regularly.

But if you don’t do it, your PPC campaigns can quickly become unprofitable.

SpeedPPC solves this completely by building supremely targeted ads for as many makes, models, products or services as you care to bid on, all in a matter of minutes.

Create landing pages that actually convert

It’s not just your ads that can benefit from a good dose of relevancy. When someone arrives at your site after searching for “Scott Addict” which page do you think is going to pique their interest?

  • The page with a list of bicycle brands in stock, where they can find the brand they’re interested in and then click through to find the model?
  • Or the page that is exactly the same brand and model as they originally searched for?

Once again, relevancy rules — you’d see a lot more interest if you could send people to the right page straight off the bat.

And once again… this is usually too time-consuming for businesses. Even just copying and pasting the address of the right page into each and every ad group could take you hours or days of solid work.

SpeedPPC reduces this to a matter of minutes by helping you build one dynamic landing page that automatically updates according to the original search term.

You can use it to pull up an appropriate page from your catalog, send people to the right section of your website, or just update the text on the page to show visitors they’re in the right place.

You’ll be rewarded with greater conversions, higher Quality Score, and (again) lower costs. And it just takes a few minutes.

In short, SpeedPPC helps you…

  • Easily target customers who are more likely to buy
  • Build highly targeted ads that are more likely to get clicked on
  • Build super relevant landing pages that will sell more
  • Get higher Quality Score by being more relevant, thereby lowering costs
  • Make your campaigns more profitable
  • Save time by automating the most tedious aspects of campaign building

Sounds like good news all round, doesn’t it? Why not give it a try today?

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