SpeedPPC for Agencies

Roll out high-performing campaigns for your clients in next to no time.

SpeedPPC isn’t a loophole, or even a shortcut. It is a system for automating PPC campaign building that allows you to rigorously follow search engine best practices on a grand scale, in a fraction of the time.

If you’ve wanted to do it right, but your clients have balked at the time and cost… don’t worry. Those days are gone.

With SpeedPPC there is no time or cost sacrifice involved in building quality campaigns. It just happens, and it happens fast.

Better matching means better everything else

The more tightly targeted your campaigns are, the healthier your campaigns are going to be. SpeedPPC builds campaigns where both the ads and the landing pages are perfectly matched to the original search term, with hugely beneficial flow-on effects.

  • When the ad text closely matches the search term, you’ll experience a better click-through rate.
  • When the landing page closely mirrors the original search term, you’ll achieve better conversions.
  • Increased relevancy in both these aspects means a better Google Quality Score.
  • Increased Quality Score means you end up paying less for the same position, or the same amount for a better ad position.

How does SpeedPPC achieve this?

Quickly create tightly focused ad groups

Of course, how relevant your ads and landing pages are ultimately comes down to how granular your ad groups are.

SpeedPPC drastically reduces the effort involved in grouping keywords and building ad groups. What might have taken a week, now takes a matter of seconds.

Even when you’re dealing with tens of thousands of long-tail keywords. So you can go ahead and be as granular as you like… it’s just as quick.

Better dynamic keyword insertion

If you’ve shied away from using the search engines’ dynamic keyword insertion because of problematic and embarrassing results, here’s a way to get that absolute relevance without sacrificing the quality of your copywriting.

SpeedPPC’s DKI is much more flexible and powerful than standard DKI. Use specific fractions of the search term, rather than the entire query. All the dynamic stuff happens before you even upload your campaign, meaning your ad copy stays exactly as you intended it.

Build dynamic landing pages on the fly

SpeedPPC can automatically create dynamic URLs to feed into your clients landing pages, delivering a more relevant experience to the visitor.

By inserting a few snippets of code into one landing page, your client can have a landing page that “knows” what the searcher was originally looking for, and serves it up on a silver platter.

It doesn’t matter whether the job calls for 10 or 10,000 keywords and matching landing pages, SpeedPPC faithfully creates these on the fly.

Built for teams

It’s now even easier than ever to get your entire team using SpeedPPC.

The Pro account comes with 3 users built in. If you want SpeedPPC for your whole team, then we also offer an agency plan that allows for an unlimited number of users for the one price.


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