SpeedPPC for Affiliate Marketers

Take massive action and blow away your competitors

Despite shake-ups and grumblings, PPC is still the #1 traffic source for high-earning affiliates. It’s fast, it’s targeted, it’s easy to track, and it’s largely under your control.

That said, affiliates face a number of challenges:

  • Stiff competition from other affiliates, all chasing the same commission for the same products
  • Poor quality score on your landing pages driving up your cost per click
  • How to get your landing page to convert AND meet quality score requirements

Forget the competition

Wondering how to break even in your market, let alone make a profit?

Forget the bidding frenzy. You’re probably paying more than the traffic is worth. Instead focus on the “long tail” of more specific, descriptive keywords that nobody else is targeting.

SpeedPPC helps you target thousands (and thousands) of more specific long-tail keywords, which all add up to big traffic at a fraction of the price.

Whether you’re targeting 10 keywords or 10,000 keywords — it’s just as easy.

Get amazing Quality Score

It’s not just competition that drives up the cost of your PPC ads and makes a campaign unprofitable. Even low-competition, low-cost keywords can end up costing a pretty penny if your quality score is low.

The surest way to avoid being “Google Slapped” is to focus on relevancy: Make sure your ads and landing pages are delivering exactly what the searcher is looking for.

With SpeedPPC you can quickly build campaigns with ultra-tight relevance between the keywords, ad groups, ads and landing pages. You’ll be giving people exactly what they were looking for, which will earn you a great quality score and a big pat on the back from the search engines.

(And lower bid prices. Which is even nicer than a pat on the back.)

Improve your conversion rates

When you’re building large campaigns, it’s easy to take a “one size fits all” approach to your landing page. Most affiliates have just one. Some affiliates will have a few. Really switched-on affiliates may have a dozen.

But one landing page for every single keyword or ad group? Get outta here, and take your dog with you.

But it’s entirely possible. With SpeedPPC you can have one landing page that updates dynamically based on the search term, giving a highly targeted result for every single keyword (if you choose).

This looks great to your visitors (“Hey, that’s just what I was looking for!”) and it’s also something the search engines smile on. It’s not black hat, no trickery, just giving people what they want, and your conversion rates will benefit.

(Also it takes about five minutes to set up. Get outta here!)

Less waste means more profit

It’s time to start thinking like your grandparents: A penny saved is a penny earned.

Even if you’re already doing pretty well with your PPC campaigns, is there room to do better? A tiny tweak to bring down your click price? A little refinement of your landing page to increase conversions a touch?

What if you could dramatically reduce the amount of time (and cash) it takes to get a new campaign turning a profit? Less initial waste means more profit.

With SpeedPPC you’re not working long days to save a few pennies. You’re not re-using coffee grounds. It’s not that kind of frugality. It’s making sure you’re not leaving money on the table that could easily be in your back pocket

Your grandparents would approve.

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