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Why SpeedPPC is loved by companies in over 100 countries

We get so excited to hear stories about how our software has made a difference is people’s lives and businesses. Check out some of the feedback we’ve received. Not just from regular customers, but from experts as well!

The Secret…works WITHOUT the Law of Attraction

It would be an understatement to say that had I used SpeedPPC in my marketing efforts as the internet strategist behind the wildly successful movie, “The Secret,” the profits would have been exponentially larger.

Few realize how significant a role Pay-Per-Click played in the marketing of “The Secret,” and fewer still realize the monumental task running such a large campaign requires.

No matter how many “Genies in a bottle” I polished up during the course of that campaign; not one delivered-up a solution to match what Jay Stockwell has delivered in his SpeedPPC program.

The ability to synch keywords to ads to landing pages and even your autoresponder plus organize them all in neat little campaign groups is pretty cool, but to make it EASY is just plain awesome. Highly recommended and best of all, it works WITHOUT the law of attraction!

Dan Hollings
Internet Marketing Strategist

More Time = More Clients

We manage over 60 separate Adwords campaigns on behalf of clients, and we charge by the hour. So, it follows that the old cliche of ‘time is money’ suits our industry very well.

We did some research on ways to make our PPC set-up, implementation, and management methods more efficient so we could take on additional clients, and as a means of saving our existing clients money.

After umpteen free trials of other software ‘solutions’ and the usual pushy sales rep’s, we came across Speed PPC.

Suddenly, we could generate massive, relevant, keyword lists, ad headline variations, ad copy variations, upload them straight into the Adwords editor (works for the other search engines too) and be away in no time at all.

Since using SpeedPPC, our client retention rate has increased due to the time and cost savings, and we have taken on more clients because we can!

In summary, if you need to create, manage, and optimise large numbers of PPC campaigns, then this software will save you a lot of time.”

Dave Bird
Internet Marketing Specialist

500+ targeted ad groups in less than 20 minutes

I was one of the early beta testers for Speed PPC and I can can tell you that this is a PPC tool that will save you HOURS of time.

I literally created a campaign with 500+ targeted ad groups with 40,000+ targeted keywords in less than 20 minutes using Speed PPC. This exact campaign was live and active in my Google account shortly after uploading all the data created by Speed PPC.

You can imagine my surprise when I started to see leads come in on this new campaign within hours of setting it up. If you are looking to increase your productivity 10,000%, this tool will take your PPC game to the next level.

Gauher Chaudhry

“This Thing Is Hot!”

This is Greg Cesar from AdwordsDomination and you don’t know this but I have been secretly telling folks about your software which is SpeedPPC.

Now, let me say this – people know me as the Adwords Tsar. I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars on Google Adwords and I have a course that I teach, and in my course, there’s only maybe two or three products that I recommend to my students.

I’m very particular about what I tell my students to do and what I tell them not to do. And I have to let you know that SpeedPPC, when that came out in the market, I knew it was going to be hot. So I went out right away and bought a copy and I have to say, it’s probably one of the best investments that I’ve made in probably many years of marketing online, forget about just Adwords.

In my course, there are only two to three items that I recommend to students and SpeedPPC is the first one. As a matter of fact, if you search online, you will not find my name endorsing many products at all. There’s probably only four places on the internet where my name is endorsing anything and this is one of those items.

So I’m very selfish with my endorsements, I’m not the type of person that wants to put my name out all over the place like that. But I have to tell you Jay, what you’ve done with this software is absolutely phenomenal. In my opinion, this is probably one of the top two or three softwares that I use on a daily basis.

It’s not only phenomenal but I’m able to launch Adwords campaigns in two to three minutes and what that does for me is this – because I can launch campaigns so fast, it doesn’t matter whether I launch a campaign and it works or doesn’t work because I can instantly go into another campaign five minutes later and have a brand new campaign completely done.

Well, well done, well worth the investment, well worth the money. This is absolutely the best product I’ve purchased in an Adwords format so again, thank you, my students thank you and I will continue to tell everyone that I know that they have to buy your product because again I think it’s one of the best products that are out there when it comes to Adwords.

Sorry for rambling on but I just had to let you know, this thing is hot! Thanks!

Greg Cesar

A Must Have Tool for Any Professional SEM

SpeedPPC is my most valued paid search tool!

SpeedPPC helps me segment and cluster keywords and adgroups to an extensive degree, which helps me to build very large paid search campaigns that are highly targeted within minutes!

It is a must have tool for any professional SEM!

Heather Paulson

I Highly Recommend It..

This PPC system is simple to use and fantastic. The main benefits are that it helps you create very targeted ad groups with individual landing pages tied to every individual keyword.

The rules of PPC have changed dramatically in the past year with the introduction of quality scores and an increased focus by Google to punish affiliate arbitrage campaigns.

This system helps you address many of these issues and create highly targeted campaigns that Google and Microsoft like. I highly recommend it for serious PPC marketers.”

Ola Edvardsson
CEO, Performancy Inc.

It’s a Steal!

Although some free tools let you mix keywords with other variables, such as locations, they don’t address the tricky issue of building unique landing pages for each unique keyword.

Not only will this improve the Google Quality Score, it will be a better user experience and, therefore, it should lead to more conversions.

If you are a regular PPC advertiser, you should grab a copy before Jay wakes up and raises the price. It’s a steal at $497!

Ash Nallawalla

An Incredibly Powerful Tool

SpeedPPC is an incredibly powerful tool and an essential weapon for anyone aspiring towards achieving total AdWords domination in their field.

Beginners beware… this tool is not for you if you just want to launch a few Ad Groups with a few keywords.

BUT, if your goal is outrun and outmaneuver your competition, then this tool will help you to masterfully setup your AdWords account at a tiny fraction of the time.

Mike Reining

I Can’t Stress How BIG this App Is

Time is our most valuable asset.

When I looked at SpeedPPC for the first time, I just didn’t ‘get it’. I then browsed though the manual and something snapped in my head. I just had to give this software a try.

Minutes later, after using SpeedPPC, I was left with a campaign that would have otherwise taken me HOURS to complete.

I can’t stress how BIG this app is to anyone using Google or/and MSN. Let me assure you that unless you take pleasure in building a large PPC campaign by hand, then this is a must have tool.

It’s not too often a tool is released that has my ‘Baxter Seal of Approval’, but SpeedPPC does.

Kick ass and take names,

Keith Baxter

Gives the Word Automation a Whole New Meaning!

SpeedPPC is one of the BEST Tools our PPC Management firm uses to compete in the most competitive of markets… ringtones, insurance, loans… you name it – it gives the word ‘automation’ a whole new meaning!

Jason Cox

Replacing 2 Full-time Data Entry Operators

Just wanted to let you know that SpeedPPC is like a dream come true… We were just about to hire 2 full-time data entry operators on-staff just to write PPC ads since it was getting so cumbersome as we were expanding our campaigns.

Well after checking out SpeedPPC I can create a campaign that would have taken these 2 employees weeks to create, in a few hours…

And that’s just creating the ads, doesn’t even take into consideration the fact that I can get a unique landing page targeted for each keyword! This feature alone is worth its weight in gold!

Thanks a lot Jay… You surely saved my company *LOTS* of money & time.

Warmest Regards,

Michael Sampson
Unparalleled Marketing LLC

“It Addicts You in a Positive Way to Best Practice!”

The “warp speed” part in the sales copy sounds a bit outlandish- but to be honest: SpeedPPC really makes you feel it. Once you “get” the very beneficial and advanced mindset behind it, you find yourself in a schedule like:

16:21: Idea for affiliate product page

16:34: Keyword list researched, mixed and matched, 2844 keywords in every matching type compiled

16:51: 2844 Landing pages that incorporate best practices set up, AdWords Campaign optimized for split test posted and triple-checked.

16:55: Making (3min) and having (15min) a cup of Earl Gray and a biscuit, wondering how you did it before SpeedPPC.

I mean, seriously – this tool does not just one but several things extremely well:

  1. It speeds up your generation process- the building of it all.
  2. It saves you all the errors you would make if you did do it by hand.
  3. It helps you to really take advantage of the long tail of pay-per-click-search-traffic on the net.
  4. It de-stresses you, frees up brain-time and brain-energy and thus enables you to focus on the next thing to do.
  5. It addicts you in a positive way to best practice!

Jay Abraham, Michael Gerber, Dan Kennedy, Perry Marshall and Brian Tracy all stress the importance of “working smarter, not harder”, and investing your time where it has a high monetary payout.

Well, if you spend 4 hours or more a week on AdWords and/or Yahoo and/or MSN Setup, and you either have or are planning on having an hourly rate of 100 US or more, you will make the investment back in a week. (And still have 23 days left to make up your mind and decide.)

Mr Stockwell, in doing PPC since 2004 and spending easily 8,000 US on software, this is easily one of THE best buys I made so far.

All the best,

Patrick Leypold

“Total Dominance on AdWords”

SpeedPPC helped us achieve total dominance on AdWords Australia. We were doing well already with our PPC marketing and thought we’d tapped it out completely. Nonetheless, we gave the SpeedPPC System a try to see if we could squeeze any more out of it. We went back to square one and completely overhauled our campaigns.

We were trying to find a way to create small, highly focused AdWords campaigns around regional centers. We also wanted to establish other campaigns that were based around specific search types.

With highly focused ad groups, we could create very targeted ads that helped us increase our click through rates. It also lowered our costs as well as expanded our keyword reach.

This is an important aspect in our business because the cost per click is so high.

A couple of weeks after we started our new SpeedPPC campaigns we pulled apart the metrics to see if there were any improvements. We compared the two days earlier to two similar days in the month earlier with our old campaigns. The results were quite staggering.

Here is a breakdown.

Increased Clicks = 54%
Increased Impressions = 27.8
Increased Click Through Rate = 21%
Decreased Cost Per Click = -3%

Estimated increase in annual turnover = $155,125

Obviously we’ve been very satisfied with the outcomes.

We haven’t yet integrated the customized landing pages, but once we do, we expect to see an increase in our conversion rates even further.”

David Thomson
Operations Manager

“322 Ad Groups…under 10 Minutes”

I just wanted to shoot you over a quick update as to how SpeedPPC is working for me. I have been uploading very big campaigns with a ton of highly targeted ad groups very easily, quickly and flawlessly. It almost feels like cheating!

With SpeedPPC I actually am building my campaigns and ad groups the right way without all the manual labor that I would usually just put off and do maybe once a month if I was lucky, due to my laziness and me remembering how long it took me last time to build a campaign the right way and not just half assing it.

I have yet to even discover what the other half of the functions in SpeedPPC do because the basic stuff I need it to do is light years ahead of what I have ever seen on the market that I have been dreaming would be just magically created one day.

I actually just got done uploading 332 adgroups and the total running time it took was under 10 minutes! Dude, you seriously are giving every person that gets this software and uses PPC a ginormous pay raise this year.

As for your target market, I reckon it would benefit entry level PPC marketers and also the heavy hitters as well. It’s going to help the entry level guys a lot because it sort of forces them to do PPC properly from the start. It will help the heavy hitters as well as I see it taking their earnings to a whole new level.

As we’ve discussed, speed is such an important element in PPC marketing, and for me time is money and if I can speed up everything and throw up those campaigns and ad groups quickly and very tightly focused, then I can focus more on marketing and finding new markets to explore and less on PPC.

Anyway, good luck with everything and I’ll keep you posted.


Jeremiah Patton

”One Hell of an Amazing Piece of Software”

I’ve been doing PPC since 2003 and my #1 frustration has been the “Time Factor” involved in creating campaigns and managing thousands and thousands of keywords.

When I started PPC there were practically no tools available at all. I remember buying Excel spreadsheets from guys who had come up with some nifty little macro that would help speed up putting “quotes” and [brackets] around my keywords…lol.

Then some really smart dudes figured out they could cash in on the lack of good tools and pretty soon we started seeing some great applications being introduced that truly did make working with thousands of keywords less painful…but there was always something that they didn’t quite do…or some feature missing.

I’m not sure if the creator just didn’t have the vision of what a great PPC tool should be, didn’t have the budget to build in all the features, or some other reason.

The bottom line…in my opinion, none of the tools being sold were complete so I ended up having to use 2 or 3 of my favorites just to get a campaign online.

Then Jay introduced SpeedPPC. I was blown away by the great features of SpeedPPC. I could crank out campaigns, large or small, in record time. But at first…I was again disappointed. SpeedPPC did a lot of things extremely well…but it needed to do more.

Out of frustration I actually hired a programmer and spent about $5000 of my own cash to build my own tool. After getting a base working version of my tool finished, I stopped pouring money down that rat hole.

Being my first software development project I soon discovered that I was in a little over my head and stopped the project as the costs were rapidly getting out of control and the entire project was becoming more and more complex.

I went back to SpeedPPC and realized that Jay had already released an upgraded version that included even more features and an even more streamlined interface….hmmm this was interesting.

So now SpeedPPC has evolved from the best PPC tool available (but still missing stuff at that time)…to ONE HELL OF AN AMAZING PIECE OF SOFTWARE!

Take it from me…you can throw thousands of dollars at a programmer and get 1/4 of what SpeedPPC can do or just get SpeedPPC. Do neither and waste countless hours shuffling keywords around by hand…lol. Kind of a no brainer if you ask me. Thanks Jay!

Wes Wilkinson

“Just Wanted To Say SpeedPPC is Fantastic!!!”

Just thought I’d drop in to say even though I’ve only owned SpeedPPC for a short time, it’s proven to be a fantastic tool!

SpeedPPC is now even more important to me that the acclaimed Adwords Editor. From SpeedPPC I can so easily create my campaigns and export them to Adwords, Yahoo, MSN and second tier PPC engines.

Even just the single core part by itself is a real time saver. That by itself would be worth the price of SpeedPPC. Add to that Dual Core, etc, this tool is just unbeatable.

Of course, if anyone is wondering, SpeedPPC will not magically make you money from PPC. Garbage in, garbage out. But, when used properly and intelligently, SpeedPPC does increase your odds of success.

Keep up the good work.

All in all, a fantastic piece of work is this SpeedPPC!!!!!

Khai Lay

“There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to Miss Out on SpeedPPC!”

Although I read a couple of times about Speed PPC and I heard a lot of the Gurus and normal PPC marketers talk about Speed PPC, I was always reluctant. Don´t ask me why?! Was it because of the price? Was it because I thought I have to learn another piece of software again?

Well, now I know it was only because I was straight up STUPID.

I always considered myself to be pretty quick with setting up my PPC Campaigns with my Excel Spreadsheet method. Oh boy..was I wrong!!

Well, to cut a long story short: If you are serious about PPC Marketing, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to miss out on SPPC!

By the way: they have one of the best customer services I know of.

Johannes Strachwitz

“Your Software is a Necessity”

My name is Joel Trujillo, I am a member of PPC Classroom. I took advantage of the 60-day trial of SpeedPPC.

I have to come clean here and say that I did not realize the value of SpeedPPC until I needed to use it and didn’t have it available. I’ve used SpeedPPC and the training videos for my PPC campaigns for the last 6 months and gotten quite used to the software ease of use, professional training videos and support materials.

I looked forward to the monthly training videos because I always learned something new that helped improve my bottom line with all my PPC campaigns.

The software and support covers everything a professional in the PPC industry or an internet marketer would want in a PPC tool if they really want it to own a particular niche or market in the PPC world without spending hours creating single keyword adgroups and tracking down to the keyword level.

I’m trying to get an SEO business of the ground. So as you can imagine financially things are still very tight but your software is a necessity.

Joel Trujillo

“Thank You for Saving Me Thousands of Hours!”

I was hesitant at first to use SpeedPPC because new applications always come with some adjusting. I was excited about my new purchase, but I was concerned about the time it might take me to figure out how the software worked, and I really needed to spend my time making my business work.

By the time I settled into SpeedPCC, I became immediately impressed with how easy it seemed from the very beginning. I was able to build a massive amount of ad groups within my campaigns. The keyword list help alone is incredible. I was able to buff out my whole business marketing plan within a very short amount of time.

This is an extremely useful tool that I feel will help for many more campaigns to come. Keep up the great work you guys. Thank you for saving me thousands of hours!

Bo Brown

”Thank You For This Brilliant Tool”

I’m new to PPC and bought SpeedPPC right at the beginning of my PPC adventure. I tested it once and even though I know very little about what I’m doing so far, I found SpeedPPC easy to implement.

My next step is to figure out when to implement it and use it most powerfully. Thank you for this brilliant tool that definitely has the capability of bringing speed to the PPC process.

Juanita Bellavance

“What Used to Be Hours..Takes Me a Few Minutes Now”

SpeedPPC has made it so easy to set up PPC campaigns. What used to take me hours.. or even days takes me a few minutes now.

I was able to increase my income multiple times as I could set up a huge number of campaigns. Also my quality score has improved a lot – this brings my click costs down. I love it!


”A Time Saving Device”

I love SpeedPPC. I am new to PPC campaigns and I grabbed SpeedPPC right off the bat when I saw what it could do and how much time it saved me.

I now set up all my campaigns with it. I am thrilled to see it include Yahoo!!

Renee Todd
ToddCountry Inc


SpeedPPC is by far the greatest time saving piece of software created that is essential to any serious PPC/Affiliate marketers arsenal.

Without this you are wasting hours of time to do this manually and we all know that time = money!”

Jamie Ludlow

“More Campaigns Mean More Chances of Profiting”

SpeedPPC has saved me tons and tons of time coming up with campaigns. Instead of being a slave to stick in front of my computer, I can use the time saved by SpeedPPC to rest or enjoy my life!

I can also come out with more campaigns in a shorter time and this gives me an advantage above those who do not use SpeedPPC.

More campaigns mean more chances of profiting and finding a profitable campaign in a shorter time!

Thank you Jay, for coming out with SpeedPPC!


“Killer Timesaver”

SpeedPPC is a killer timesaver and absolute “must-have” for anyone with a website for profit.

Skeleton Star

“Simple to Get Results”

Simple to use. Simple to get results. If there was one piece of software that reduced the most amount of work and still created the best returns, SpeedPPC is it… and it just got better.

L. Walder

“5 Minutes Instead of All Day”

I just wanted to let you know how I am getting on with SpeedPPC. As you know I don’t earn my living by putting up hundreds of PPC campaigns, but rather I set them up for my own web sites (not that many compared to your ‘power’ users).

Anyway, I still value my time as much as the next guy and the time SpeedPPC saves me is massive compared to what I used to spend on my PPC campaigns.

Yes I do need to keep on top of them but, whenever I need to make a high volume of changes to my campaigns it usually takes me about 5 minutes instead of all day – no exaggeration.

The guys on the forum really know their stuff. Some guys helped me in terms of testing new keywords and I can throw them up in a flash.

This makes your tool invaluable to me. So keep up the good work and I can’t wait to use the new features your putting together in the updated version.

William Stewart

“Best Piece of Software I Ever Brought”

I waited up late for a copy of SpeedPPC when it launched. Since then I’ve used it nearly everyday and often tell people it’s the best piece of software I ever bought.

It’s amazing how easy and fast it makes PPC. I would wholeheartedly recommend SpeedPPC to anyone that is serious about making a real living with PPC.

Don Reid

“Like Having Extra Staff in the Office Working for Free…”

SpeedPPC has slashed the time it takes to get accounts set up, it’s literally like having extra staff in the office working for free and has saved us thousands of hours work.

I can’t recommend it enough. If you are wondering about buying it stop thinking and just get it right now. It’ll be the best ROI of any money you ever spend!

Shane Robinson

“I Friggin Love You!”

I’m using the new SpeedPPC version….. and I have one thing to say that you might … or might not be very happy about: I Friggin Love You!

When I come to QLD I’m tracking you down and buying you lunch mate, any place you want. If you ever come down to Sydney, make sure you let us know, I’ll take you out to lunch here mate.

You’re a friggin genius mate. Brilliant – no other word for it. Let me give you an example.

When I wanted connected keywords, I used to do it manually in Excel. Now its automatic – one button!! You know to copy into Excel, I used to export output to AE, then copy and paste it into Excel for every single set of keywords I wanted to put in one Adgroup. Now it does it with the click of two buttons.

Man, I’m starting to fall in love with this software.


“Kick Butt”

Jay, your product is kick butt my friend….I am very anxious to begin implementing it.

Thanks a million.

Rob Poulos

“500+ Leads/Day in One of the Most Competitive Markets”

I personally may have to send you guys more money :-)

The volume is up, and could be a ton more if I had the buyers, but the cost per conversion is down $3 on the first day with out optimizing the good and bad converting keywords.

May not sound like much, but I am getting 500+ leads/day in one of the most competitive markets in the US.

Scot Lady

“I Could Never Do Without it Anymore!!!”

SpeedPPC is amazing, I could never do without it anymore!!!

And the videos are awesome!!

You share a lot of information.

Thank you so much!!!

Daniele Donfack

“Nothing has Helped Me Reach My Goals as Much as SpeedPPC”

I gotta admit. For years I was lost as to how to put Google Adwords Adgroups together to ensure the best chance for success, how to properly target PPC campaigns and decrease cost.

But SpeedPPC changed all that for me. I particularly LOVE the no nonsense videos that got me up and running quickly. And I absolutely LOVE the new, simple and slick interface.

I bought a lot of neat stuff that has made my online ventures quite profitable in 2007. But nothing, and I mean NOTHING, has helped me reach my goals as much as SpeedPPC.

It’s simply brilliant! Keep up the great work.

Jay Douglas

“Gotta Love It!”

SpeedPPC has revolutionized how I go about PPC marketing. I have a full time job and never had the time to build campaigns “right” before SpeedPPC.

Now with just a few button clicks I can build a really great super focused set of adgroups that keep my Quality Score high and my minimum bids low! Gotta love it!


“My Best Investment Yet”

I think that SpeedPPC is a great tool. It has removed a huge portion of the labor of getting tightly focused keyword campaigns up and running.

Also, it usually takes me quite a while to get familiar and competent with new software tools and systems. Not so with SpeedPPC.

After reading through your manual, I had an Adwords campaign with about 300 ad groups up and running in minutes.

I have a family and a regular full time, so the efficiency that SpeedPPC brings to my online marketing efforts makes it probably my best investment yet.


“The Best Tool I Have Used”

SpeedPPC is far and away the best tool I have used for launching campaigns quickly and efficiently.

I feel like I have a paid assistant at my side. And I might as well, given how much more effective SpeedPPC has made my online marketing efforts.

Keep up the great work on your product and stellar support.

Andrew Morris

“200% Faster”

Since I used SpeedPPC I was able to reduce the time it took me normally to launch a campaign by AT LEAST 200% and that makes me a happy camper.

I don’t use the free time I won to go out and do every-day stuff, I just launch more campaigns and make more money =)

Mark Riepen

“An Amazing Product”

I have been enjoying SpeedPPC, it truly is an amazing product.

Abe Niang

“You Have a Winner!”

After purchasing and working with SpeedPPC for over a month now, I must tell you – you have a winner!

One of the best investments I ever made with online marketing.

Yaron Lavi

“Gone is the Brain-Bleeding Tediousness of the Process!”

Speaking as a basically lazy person, SpeedPPC is the tool I’ve been wishing for. I’m still a relative novice at PPC marketing so I have my challenges, but now with SpeedPPC, creating hundreds of ad groups out of thousands of keywords is no longer one of them.

Gone is the brain-bleeding tediousness of the process! Plus it’s made easy work of creating datafeed sites – something a non-techie like myself would have never attempted without SpeedPPC.

I admit that one of my biggest worries with any new software is the learning curve involved, but the step-by-step video tutorials help take the sting out of that process too. In other words, I’m sold on SpeedPPC!

Cynthia Olszewski

“Thanks a Million!”

And by the way, if no-one’s told you lately … this is one smart product and we all really, really appreciate the extra 500 miles you go in supporting it!

Howard Woolston

“This is Absolutely Incredible”

Yesterday and today I received “Abuse” e-mails from my webhost because one of my sites was generating high server loads. Turns out that they are coming from all the googlebot hits because of the massive amounts of Ad Groups I am launching!

How about that! I had to set up a robot.txt file so the bots would not hit those directories while I was launching the ad groups.

Anyway, thought you might like to know about this and maybe put together a little piece on your site to give other folks a heads up that this may be one of the “side effects” of SpeedPPC.

So far today I have launched over 5,000 ad groups! This is absolutely incredible.

Jay Steele

“A Must Have Tool”

THANK YOU for saving my company an estimated 90 hours per month setting up pay per click campaigns on Adwords and adCenter.

We used to spend an insane amount of time each day setting up tightly grouped campaigns and ad groups by hand & using inefficient “keyword sorter” tools.

With SpeedPPC however, we are now saving on average 3 hours per day setting up campaigns!

Not only that, but SpeedPPC has allowed us to expand our keyword lists (and create matching landing pages/PPC campaigns) in record time… targeting more long-tail keywords than we ever thought possible (thanks to your Expansion Keywords!).

SpeedPPC is a must-have tool for anyone remotely doing anything with PPC.

Sean Wu


We manage well over $100,000 in Adwords spending, for ourselves internally and for our clients. As such, even a modest improvement in ROI translates into big bucks. Our ongoing need for improved performance is what lead us to investigating SpeedPPC when it was first released.

I remember reading over the site, and “getting it”; how it hit me – literally – automating the creation of insanely optimized campaigns… I couldn’t sleep that night!

Needless to say, I purchased it on the spot. The next morning everyone had to suffer through my ecstatic blathering, but by noon we were posting these stunningly effective campaigns.

Well, I got to experience the rush all over again with Version 3. I really didn’t think there could be too much room for improvement, but the support for all those additional search engines, the Ad Generator… and to be able to roll out single-keyword adgroups! We’ll be so busy taking advantage of this thing for ourselves, we may not have time for clients anymore…:)

Michael Ullman,
President, Analogy Marketing and Google Qualified Professional

“A Rare Gem”

Just want to let you know what my first impressions are for of SpeedPPC software.

There are many tools and software on the market that claim to do great things. One of the most valuable things we have in business and in life is “Time”. There are only so many hours in a day and you can’t save them up or get them back when they are gone!

SpeedPPC is a rare gem in my book. It not only saves me an enormous amount of time, it saves money too.

I was amazed and excited when I saw the initial video showing how SpeedPPC could create 436 ad groups in 12 minutes. At the same time, I was a bit skeptical.

I’ve been using Pay Per Click marketing for some time now. So many of the tasks involved are boring, tedious and time consuming. I know from experience that expanding an ad campaign to hundreds of ads and groups is not any fun until it’s done and the profits roll in.

My problem was that since it always took so much time and effort, shortcuts would be taken and the ad campaign was not as effective as it could be. I always thought there had to be a better way.

I jumped on SpeedPPC as soon as it was available! I had to see for myself if the claims were true.

Just for fun and to put it to the test, I created my own campaign with 436 ad groups. After viewing all the training videos and reading the detailed manuals. I created a landing page template complete with dynamic variables. After uploading the landing page to my site, it was time to fire up the software.

Just fill in some boxes and tick a few radio buttons, it was ready to go. I clicked “update output” and all the data was compiled and ready for Google very quickly.

As this was my first time through the process, it took me a little more than an hour from start to finish. That includes creating the landing page to having the ad campaign ready to upload to Google.

Sorry, I took my time and played around with the software, so I didn’t get done in 12 minutes. Must be a slacker.

All kidding aside, I’m amazed at the power of this software and I’ve just scratched the surface. The last time I set up a campaign with over 400 ad groups, it easily took over 100 hours.

In my opinion, time is money and the time savings alone for this one campaign paid for SpeedPPC. By the way, all my keywords were active with very low minimum bids too.

Having the ability to create dynamic ads that match the keywords and landing page is exactly what I needed to keep Google happy and have a landing page that literally speaks to the person who clicked on the ad.

Extreme targeting is an understatement.

The kicker is that there is only one landing page for the entire campaign that dynamically changes with each ad clicked! I can change one file to test other landing pages. This makes split testing easy too. Very cool.

My personal thanks to Jay Stockwell for creating SpeedPPC. This one is a keeper for me and makes Pay Per Click marketing fun again. Imagine Success!

John Stiles

“All This in a Matter of Minutes!”

SpeedPPC is an awesome piece of software. Now I can create specially targeted campaigns relevant to the keywords and even geographically defined too – all this in a matter of minutes!!

This software is fantastic if you don’t have a lot of time or you have literally 100s of campaigns to set up. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Vanessa Holden
Online Marketing Specialist

“Absolutely Blown Away”

When I first heard about SpeedPPC, I was skeptical that it would deliver on its claims, but I was willing to give it a try because of the frustration in rolling out campaigns quickly and efficiently.

When I got my hands on it, I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by its ability to create campaigns in a fraction of the time (at least 20-50x faster) than it used to take.

However, the quality of my campaigns are also significantly stronger, because of its ability to create tightly focused ad groups that lower costs and improve click through rate.

And also true to promises, SpeedPPC continues to improve with every new version by incorporating new feature suggestions because they listen to their customers and incorporate new feature suggestions.

This is truly a tool that provides the necessary competitive edge that is so vital in today’s PPC market.

Greg S.
New York

“Very Impressed”

Just thought I would let you know, I am very impressed so far with the potential of the SpeedPPC system.

You guys worked very hard at putting this together. FYI…We are one of the top affiliate marketing firms in Canada.

Jamie Opalchuk

“It’s Awesome Stuff”

I run the site and I use your software daily, it’s awesome stuff. (I recommend it to everyone I know.)


“SpeedPPC Like Greased Lightning”

Wow the Old SpeedPPC was so fantastic, being just so simple to create literally thousands of keyword/ad-groupings for immediate deployment to your PPC campaigns.

I am very excited to use the New SpeedPPC as being updated, can only mean one thing, and that is “SpeedPPC like greased lightning “.

Glenn Sinclair
Beechworth Australia

“Full Time Income with a Part Time Effort”

Thank you again Jay for the well written/intuitive software and supporting materials. I’ve been using SpeedPPC for virtually every campaign I’ve created for several months now.

As a full-time student, I now earn a full-time income with a part-time effort and I certainly attribute some of my success to my use of SpeedPPC.

I’ve earned a healthy return on the initial investment in probably my second month of usage.

Leon Appel

“Stop Selling It Immediately…”

Thanks so much. And I know you’re hearing this from everyone but, Wow! What a great program!

I’ve already used it to set up two large campaigns across different search engines and the time saved is truly amazing.

What would have taken hours and hours took just minutes. I doubt I’d have even attempted it without your program.

The learning videos and guides are also great. Just an all around wonderful, amazing, super, terrific, fantastic job.

Well done!!! Now stop selling it immediately so my competition won’t get their hands on it. ;>)

Ron Murphy