Hands down, the largest percentage of PPC campaigns built using SpeedPPC are built for upload to Google’s AdWords program. SpeedPPC was designed specifically to integrate seamlessly with Google’s AdWords Editor desktop application. Because Google tends to get things right the first time, we seldom receive any tickets at the help desk that involve problems with SpeedPPC campaigns being imported into AdWords Editor.

For those of you just starting to get your feet wet in the world of PPC, AdWords Editor is a free Google application for managing your AdWords campaigns. You use AdWords Editor to download your account, and update your campaigns using the various AE editing tools then upload those changes to your AdWords account.

The first publicly available version of AdWords Editor was released January 24, 2006. That was version 0.9.2. Since then numerous upgrades and improvements have been made over the years all with the goal of making AE the most advanced PPC editing tool on the market.

I cannot even imagine managing any AdWords account without this powerful tool. That would be like creating PPC campaigns without SpeedPPC!

Unthinkable :-) !

The recently released version 9.5.1 supports campaign experiments, has local extensions support, and allows you to download one or more accounts in the background while you are working on another open account. A number of other minor additions have also been made.

In terms of how this most recent upgrade has affected how SpeedPPC intergrates with AE – the short answer is not at all. However that said, Google did add a number of additional steps in the process that appear to have thrown even some of our more seasoned users off.

The two problems most frequently encountered are Google “misreading” the output files created in SpeedPPC and the Add/Multiple Keyword or Ads function vanishing.

In this posting we’re going to take you through the process of importing SpeedPPC campaigns into AE with a focus on how to “fix” these problems.

Obviously the first thing you need to do is build a campaign in SpeedPPC. Once you have done that and have clicked the Build button, you should see something like this – these are your output files formated specifically for AE.

Open AE if you have not done so already.

Click the Keywords tab.

Click the “Make Multiple Changes” tab and select “Add/Update Multiple Keywords”.

The “Add/Update Multiple Keywords” window will open. Make sure you check the “My keyword information below includes columns for campaign and ad groups names”.

Return to SpeedPPC and click the Copy button on the far right over your keyword output file.

Return to AE. Paste your keyword output file into the window and click Process.

If this is the first file you have imported over to AE since upgrading you may see the below screen. It requires that you provide AE with the file column headings. Once you have done this check the “Remember the order of my column headings for future imports” box.

If you do not see this screen you can select the Back button on the Step 3 of 3 screen to get to it. Verify that your column headings are correct and click process.

If you do not see the column headings screen and process your output file and find that AE is not properly reading your output file, you will need to reimport your file and make sure that you verify the column headings as described above.

You should only have to do this the first time you copy over a file – after this AE remembers your column headings and no longer requires this step.

Click Finish and Review Changes.

Here is where a great number of users appear to be getting stuck.

The add multiple ads option is “missing”. This is an easy “fix”

Click on the “Keep Proposed Changes” button.

You will now be able to access the add multiple ads function – to import your ads output file – do the same with this file as you did with the keywords file.

A few minor things of note:

The yellow exclamation points next to some keywords is not a problem – it is simply AE telling you that this keyword is the same as another keyword in the adgroup with a different match type. That is fine as for this example we selected broad, phrase and exact match when building the campaign.

Don’t be concerned about the red exclaimation points on the Ad Groups and Campaigns tabs. This is AE telling you that your Ad Groups require a Default Max CPC Bid and your Campaign needs a budget. Fill in these values and the warnings will go away.

That’s it – review your campaign, tweak if necessary, check changes and upload to your account.