We get a good number of questions at the help desk about how SpeedPPC works – which is great.

We love questions not just because it shows that interest in SpeedPPC continues to remain strong but also because some questions get us to thinking about ways to make SpeedPPC even better. Indeed some of our most powerful and user friendly features have their genesis in a question submitted via the help desk.

We also get a fair amount of questions from “doubters”. That is people who have looked at SpeedPPC and have decided, well, is this really as good as they try to make it sound?

Of course we believe that not only is SpeedPPC as good as we make it sound – it is actually quite a bit better!

But enough tooting our own horns.

Recently a potential client commented that in their opinion a large component of SpeedPPC was its ability to create seed keyword mixing and matching for long tail keyword phrase combinations. However they noted, if you simply set a keyword to phrase match in Google AdWords or in your Yahoo account, that would have very much the same effect as SpeedPPC – creating a number of different keyword phrase combinations.

So – if you simply set all your keywords to phrase match in your PPC account, why would you need to have all the different combinations of keyphrases SpeedPPC creates and uploads?

Why do I need SpeedPPC at all?

Great question.

The benefits of SpeedPPC are not just in the generation of keyword combinations. Really, that is a small part of what SpeedPPC does (albeit a very important “small” part!).

And it is true that you can do that pretty easily without SpeedPPC using any number of free tools readily available on the web.

The real benefit is in the big lift you get in Quality Score (which includes your click through rates (CTR) and your conversions.

With SpeedPPC you are able to do all the keyword mixing in combination with the ability to create ads that match your keywords exactly and then – if you wish to take it even further – create dynamic landing pages that can contain the exact keyword phrase searched on in a number of strategic places including the landing page url, the page title, the page copy, even change images based on keyword phrase and text buttons.

In a nutshell, what SpeedPPC allows you to do, quickly and easily, is to create PPC campaigns that are as strongly relevant as possible. Searcher enters “red widget” into their search engine of choice, you have “red widget” in your keyword inventory, “red widget” shows up in your ad and in your ad copy and if you wish even your destination url. And “red widget” appears all over your landing page. You can’t get much more relevant than that – actually I don’t think you could get more relevant if you tried.

What’s great about this is that Google and Yahoo (and MSN and probably just about every other search engine worth using) love relevancy. They love it because relevancy makes their customers happy.

You are serving ads that perfectly relate to the original query of the users. The result of this is that your ctr goes up (which is something Google and Yahoo and…etc. also love) and as a result your cost per click goes down (for the same volume), or you can get more volume (for the same price).

The users also love it because your ads are relevant to their search query and your landing page relates to their search query. This in turn helps improve conversion rates.

Here’s a hypothetical example:

Let’s say that you can improve your Quality Score and move your ad from position 5 to position 1. There is 8 times more volume at position 1 than position 5. Then let’s say you can move your conversion rate from 1.5% to 2%.

If you used to make $100 profit a day before, you could quite possibly move that to:

100 x 8 (increase in volume) x 25% (conversion rate lift) = $1000 profit a day.

Now I’m not saying that this is typical. But it is a simple example of how improving your Quality Score and slight lifts in your conversion rates can really lift your profits.

So to circle back to where we began – the power of SpeedPPC lies not in its ability to generate hundreds, even thousands of long tail keyword phrases but in its ability to allow you to take those massive lists and create campaigns with seriously strong chains of relevancy that can help improve your quality score, increase your click through rates and increase your conversions.

And to do it in record time!

All the best and keep those questions coming!