Why use Single Keyword AdGroups?

Single Keyword AdGroups were what every paid search manager dreamt of but just couldn’t justify the time involved to create them!

Single Keyword AdGroups

As the Google AdWords Quality Score became the hottest keyword in search marketing, so did the need to create more targeted groups. These targeted groups of keywords were designed to promote an ad create that was tailored to not only your keywords, but to the landing page you sent your clicks to.  

Google increased their focus on relevance and search marketers needed to pick up their game. It was a significant development in Google’s AdWords performance strategy.

According to Google;

Quality score is an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords and landing pages. Higher quality ads can lead to lower prices and better ad positions.

Let me highlight….

Lower prices.

Better Ad Positions.

Who wouldn’t throw a little attention towards Quality Score with these benefits!?

But why Single Keyword AdGroups?

It’s a simply theory really.  If you great a group of keywords, that contains only one keyword and you develop an ad that speaks directly for that one single keyword, you cannot question the relevance between the keyword and the ad.  Then if you have the ability to create a specific landing page that dynamically generates the keyword into the page copy, you can expect to Quality Score to be on its way to 10/10 and you can enjoy the benefits of an increased CTR (for example; a reduction in your average CPC!)

This is all good in theory but who’s got the time to develop a single keyword adgroup campaign in Excel unless you are moon lighting as a developer.

SpeedPPC to the rescue

This is where SpeedPPC’s campaign builder can add a huge amount of value to your search campaigns.  Within a few clicks you’ll be exporting sophisticated campaigns built with Single Keyword AdGroups. You’ll save yourself hours slaving over Excel and will experience a significant improvement to your Google Ad performance statistic.

Single Keyword AdGroups

Not only will your ad performance metrics improve through a campaigns structured with Single Keyword AdGroups, but your CPC is likely to reduce saving your valuable marketing pennies.  At the end of the day, that should be the key right? Reducing wasted spend to allow your cost per conversion to improve or to reinvest the spend back into the account to see your transaction volume increase.

In Summary

In summary, Single Keyword AdGroups as a concept is very straightforward.  One keyword per AdGroup. This allows your creative to be written in a way that is highly relevant and you can direct users to a specific landing pages to maintain relevance.

In addition, the user experience from searching for a keyword, clicking through a relevant ad and landing on a website offering them exactly what they searched for, places you in a much stronger position to convert a sale.

SpeedPPC is a game changer for all performance PPC advertisers. Sign up and try it out.  It’s completely free to build campaigns and see just how much time you’ll save.

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