Dynamic keyword insertion or DKI allows you to have the keyword that triggered your ad dynamically inserted within the ad text or headline or at the end of your display URL or all three depending on what works to help you achieve your goal.

This is one of SpeedPPC’s more notable “super powers” where using our “token insertion code” you can automatically insert your seed or expansion or final keyword combinations into your ads with a single click.

Because this method mirrors the user’s actual search query back to them in your ad, it can increase the relevance of the ad and help the ad to stand out on the page. It can also increase quality scores which help give you high ad position and more visibility.

DKI ads need to be paired with highly specific, highly targeted groups of keywords to be effective. You should avoid using broad match keywords that could trigger variations and synonyms, which could create irrelevant, awkward, or even embarrassing ad copy. So be careful to make sure all your ad texts make grammatical sense with all potential DKI variations. The easiest place to use DKI is in the headline where it’s less likely to create awkward text.

Also you need to maintain a comprehensive negative keywords list to prevent misspelled variations and other unwanted keywords (such as competitors’ brand names) from appearing in your ad.

If you’re creating a DKI headlines using one-word keywords (your Seed keywords), use text around the DKI brackets to create a less generic headline. For example, Deals On {Seed:Default Text} will have a bigger impact than just {KeyWord:Default Text}.