Quality Scores: What Matters

One of SpeedPPC’s greatest claims to fame is the ability to create campaigns that forge incredibly strong chains of relevancy between keyword and ad copy through the use of our token insertion functionality. In simpler terms, someone searches using the search query “cat toys for sale”. You have an ad group named “cat toys for sale”. Within that ad group is the keyword phrase “cat toys for sale”. You have an ad with the headline “cat toys for sale” (and maybe in other areas of the ad copy). You don’t get more exacting than that. The end result is that your ad gets clicked and if you’ve further set it up so that you are driving traffic directly to your cat toys for sale landing page – you’ve just created the perfect storm.

One of the key benefits of all of the above is that Google “sees” how relevant your keyword+ad copy+landing page click-chain is and rewards you in various ways. One of these being a higher quality score which in turn drives up your ad position and drives down your click cost. Nice eh?

Google calls this chain of relevancy Relevance to a User’s Intentions“. 

“Relevance to users’ searches and intentions is the heart of ads quality. That means ads and sites that help users gather relevant info, complete a sale or other task, and navigate with ease are more likely to result in high ads quality. This is why we suggest you focus on delivering relevant ads to answer queries rather than trying to optimize to manipulate your score.”

SpeedPPC makes this easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Another key quality score influencer (is that a word?) is users’ device and whether or not your website is optimized for that device. To once again quote Google:

The User’s Device: Does Matter

“The user’s device (laptop, tablet, smartphone or whatever) is taken into account when ad quality is calculated. Make sure your site experience is optimized for mobile, and if you haven’t already, try targeting users on mobile devices with specific mobile-friendly ads and pages. Google doesn’t require that you have a separate mobile site, but you should make sure that information is easy to find and the navigation is intuitive for users on a mobile device.”

According to the most recent statistics I could find, in 2017, in the USA, a whooping 71% of all searches are conducted on a mobile device. In some parts of the world its a bit less but in others it can be quite a bit more. For example in Indonesia 91% of search is mobile! Obviously if Indonesia is your market and your website isn’t mobile friendly…you’re in the business of paying for clicks and then turning the searchers away.

Obviously this is one area SpeedPPC can’t really help with…that is we can’t create a mobile-friendly website for you. BUT we do provide code that allows you to pass the search query that triggered your ad into your landing page copy! Now that’s some “relevance to a user’s intentions”. 

SpeedPPC also offers some really powerful keyword research tools that you should be making use of. Adding new keywords on a  regular basis is something Google loves to see. We quote the source below:

For Newly-Launched Keywords, Performance on Related Keywords: Does Matter

“Instead of measuring new keywords from scratch, we start with info about related ads and landing pages you already have. If your related keywords, ads and landing pages are in good shape, we’ll probably continue to have a high opinion of them. Always invest in growing your coverage on relevant searches, especially in areas where your ads have the potential to be high quality.”

So in a nutshell, all the things that help give you great quality scores are made easier when you use SpeedPPC.

We close with another quote from those who know AdWords best….Google:

“In the world of AdWords, the advice is “Do what’s best for your users and your bottom line, and all else will (or at least should) follow.” Those business fundamentals are more important than Quality Score. Remember, too, that there are differences between auction-time quality and the 1-10 Quality Score number that appears in your account. Your Quality Score will give you insight into how you’re performing, but “chasing the number” shouldn’t be the focus of your optimizations. Be relevant, be compelling and drive traffic to landing pages that deliver on what you promise in your ad, and you can feel confident your score should reflect that quality.”

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