PPC Tools

When is comes to PPC tools, the list is as long as your arm! Each with their own killer feature that claims to enhance your PPC campaign and sky rocket your performance.

Some PPC tools are free, some classified as freemium where you will need to pay for the more valuable features of the tool. Some some promote themselves as an enterprise service which often comes as at a premium fee.

PPC Tools

Of course, every business is trying to provide value to customers in return for a dollar to keep their business in operation. But it’s not always a case of the most expensive tool adding the most value to your search strategy, nor the free tools being a waste of time.

PPC Tool Features

It’s about understanding how to identify the PPC tools that are going to provide you with the most learnings. For instance, you can make educated decisions when it comes to developing your campaign strategy inline with your digital objectives.

There are so many PPC tools available, a quick Google search will confirm this. These tools claim to offer a range of features such as:

  • Keyword Suggestions
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Auction Insight
  • Ad Spying
  • Competitor Comparison
  • Automated Tracking
  • Landscape Analysis
  • Dynamic Landing pages
  • URL builders
  • Bidding automation
  • Campaign building

The above isn’t even and exhaustive list!

Within the ever growing Digital Marketing and Online Advertising world, even a half percentage increase in conversion rate can make a huge impact to your bottom line. This is just one of the benefits that working with the right PPC tool can have on your performance results.

Where to start? Keywords of Course!

Firstly, if you are on the hunt for a tool to help you on your paid search journey, determine what you need assistance with. The most common need in working with PPC Campaigns is assistance with identifying keywords that will position your product in front of more eyeballs. As a result, you’ll want to ensure you look for a tool that provides you with not only Keyword Research and Suggestions, but competitor keyword analysis so you can benchmark yourself against your competitors.


Secondly, you can get confirmation as to whether the business you think is a direct competitor, is driving traffic from keywords that align with your product or service. Always focus more on your own business objectives rather than trying to mirror your competition because each business and it’s systems and process are completely unique.

Tried and tested Ads

The next PPC tool feature to gravitate towards would be one that provides actual ad creative examples through Competitor Ad Spyware. Getting your hands on a range of ad creative examples will help your create ads that are different, compelling and have already been tested.

One way to obtain valuable ad creative insight is to run the Competitor Ad Spy tool on a brand that you know has large budgets and digital team who have been likely to have invested a lot of time testing ad creative. We are talking major brand here like Apple or Amazon. Pay particular notice to the format of their ad creative in terms of message structure and their call to action. Try an ad in your own campaign that tests a similar format. A specific and compelling ad creative can dramatically increase your CTR and thus help improve your overall strategy.

Automated Campaign Build

Many of the old school PPC Campaign Managers will be very familiar with Excel. They will remember the days where there were not enough rows in Excel to handle the volume of keywords included in the campaigns they were building! Thankfully Excel increased the volume of rows and made life a little less frustrating.

Now, a good 15 years on, there are PPC tools that can automate the generation of extensive keywords lists from a core set of seed keywords.

SpeedPPC for example, has predefined keyword lists that allow you to very quickly combine multiple lists. You can combine your core seed list with an expansion list of words (for example US states) in a matter of seconds. Resulting in no more formulas, macros and Excel processing crashes. Unless you are a developer and writing scripts to build out your keyword lists, Excel is still a clunky and time consuming process.

Other PPC Tools features

As we’ve listed above, there are many different PPC tools each combining a range of different features. Many features are classified as more advanced. If you are considering tools to assist you in your campaign development or performance, be sure to do your search and focus on one improvement at a time.

In conclusion, we’ve outlined here a clear strategy that will ensure you have given consideration to:

One, the keywords in your campaign.

Two, have a set of strong ad creative to trial.

Three, have saved yourself a huge amount of time when it comes to building your campaign.

SpeedPPC is a game changer for performance PPC advertisers. Why not try it for yourself? Sign up to the monthly subscription to access the SpeedPPC Suite of Keyword & Competitor Analysis Reports.

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