Are you a PPC Professional?

Whether you are someone who manages a single PPC account for a single company or multiple accounts for multiple companies, if you live, breath and dream PPC then – to paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy – you just might be a PPC Professional!

And literally thousands of PPC Professional use SpeedPPC.

The reasons are straightforward – SpeedPPC lets you….

  • Create tighter relevancy between search term, ad and landing page.
  • Quickly improve your Google Quality Score (thereby lowering your costs).
  • Write better ads that give you higher click-through rates.
  • Create more relevant landing pages that improve your conversions.

And it literally can do all this with a few clicks of the mouse.

SpeedPPC can also help with your competitor and keyword research when you use our powerful research tools.

Another bonus SpeedPPC users receive is: Because you are able to create better quality campaigns straight off this reduces the amount of time you need to spend testing and tweaking once your campaign(s) has/have been uploaded.

Of course this does not mean that you can just upload and forget. That mindset invites nothing but disaster.

In our opinion the true PPC Professional checks in on his or her account(s) at least once a week. We recommend checking in more often than that for new campaigns – daily if at all possible.

The below is a checklist of steps we recommend taking at least once a week to make sure your account(s) are as optimized as they can be:

Keyword Research

Yes we know you did a ton of keyword research before you built your campaign (you did didn’t you?) – but search patterns can change over time and you need to keep your finger on the pulse of those potential customers. At the very least we highly recommend making sure you review your search query reports looking for potential new keywords (or variations of existing keywords) and adding those to your positive keyword inventory.

Analyze Web Analytics and Goal Tracking

At the very least give your user engagement metrics a look over. Is your bounce rate high? Are your page views low? Are people leaving without spending much time? Might be a disconnect between your keywords, ads and landing pages. Not likely if you use our dynamic landing page code so possibly your offer isn’t as good as you think it is? Your site not as well designed as you believe it is?

In terms of goal tracking, like conversion tracking you should make sure that every point of contact between a potential customer and the website is tracked. This includes not just the obvious ie making a purchase, signing up for an email or newsletter but also any other points of contact (form submissions), phone calls and even live chat (yes there is software that tracks live chat).

Retire Under-Performing Keywords

There’s no sense in keeping around keywords that may be generating tons of impressions but few or no clicks or have a low quality score or are generating conversions at an unacceptably high CPA. After a period of time you should also start removing those “low search volume” keywords. If after 3+ months you are seeing nothing from these, you might as well at least pause them just to declutter your keyword work area.

Add Variations of High-Performing Keywords

Typically you can find some good keyword variations in the search query report or under the Dimensions>Search Terms tab.

Consistently Add Negative Keywords

Again check that search query report for good negatives. For Dynamic, Shopping and Display campaigns check the Dimensions>Search Terms report.

Find New Websites for the Display Network

This can be pretty time intensive but is well worth the effort making sure your message is getting in front of the right eyeballs.

Write and Test New Ads Weekly

Test drive variations of your performing ad copy as well as completely new ad copy.

Recommend Landing Page Improvements

Your campaign is only as good as the landing pages. The best keyword+ad copy combination can fail miserably if the landing page does not seal the deal. Don’t be afraid to recommend landing page improvements for headlines, body copy, contact form, and design. Work with the design team to improve conversions assuming you can work with them. One of the biggest areas of frustration as often you have no control over this piece of the puzzle and your suggestions/recommendations at best need to be placed in a queue to wait for resources or worst, fall on deaf ears. Still the squeaky wheel sometimes get the grease!

Increase/Decrease Bids

This is a tough one but obviously pretty important – two simple rules we like to follow that tend to work out for us are: Keywords/groups: If CPA is 2x goal and position is less than 3, reduce bids. Keywords/groups: If conversion rate is 2x average and position is less than 3, increase bids. However as always one size does not fit all and depends entirely on goals and budget.

Track and Measure Progress on a Daily Basis

Not always possible but as often as possible in the early days and at least once a week once you’ve got the account up and running and any problem areas smoothed out.