So you’ve got a fantastic campaign set up. You’ve done your keyword research. You’ve crafted your ad copy. You’ve got all the pieces in place. Now its time to turn that sucker on and start driving traffic and sales to your website….

Whoa! Hold on. let’s not forget to check the place we are driving that traffic to – your landing page.

Without telling tales I far too often find that the landing page is the weakest link in the keyword+ad+landing page chain. The days when the “build it and they will come” mantra could be applied to ecommerce is over and has been for a very very long time.

The landing page is an essential part of the Quality Score formula. Unfortunately this is the one area where many of use who manage PPC for other people have little or no say and little or no control. So we can make recommendations but its then up to someone else to make those changes and if your experiences are anything at all like mine – that can take from forever to never.

Some key points to check when reviewing an existing landing page or crafting a new one:

Useful content: make sure your lander contains quality content that delivers on the promise of the ad. In other words: your landing page must Deliver Relevance! You must meet the expectations of the visitor.

Strong calls to action. Cut to the Chase. Get to the Point right from the start. The less clicking you require the better. Studies have shown that every extra click required will generally reduce response by 10%! Old school rule of thumb was you must “get to the point” in three clicks or less. Today if you can’t generate that lead or sale with a single page – you may need to rethink your web-design. Make sure all key information and calls to action are positioned above-the-fold. If your visitor must scroll, make sure these elements are repeated/emphasized below the fold. Don’t make me scroll back to the top.

Keywords from the ad used in the headline and copy of the page: here’s where SpeedPPC’s Dynamic Keyword Insertion code and ability to insert exact keyword shines!

Easy navigation and fast page load time: even more important when targeting mobile as Google expects mobile pages served in one second or less.

Meaningful graphics. If your landing page is selling (or trying to sell) Men’s Hats you probably should not have pictures of Women wearing hats. I’ve seen this.

If your site features many products then you probably want to encourage “shopping around” since anyone leaving the landing page is probably not going to purchase right then and there. But if you offer a single service or product then you probably want to keep your visitor focused. Therefore you want to keep links to other pages at a minimum so as not to distract. On the other hand you do want to have other pages as these can be used as sitelinks which contribute to the Ad Rank formula. If in doubt – start testing!

Is your site mobile-friendly? They day is coming when your website will have to be mobile-friendly or suffer in terms of quality score. I predict!

We know that people do not read online, they skim. So breaking your copy into bullet points and short concise paragraphs helps get your message across quickly and easily. Nobody wants to read a massive block of text.