One of SpeedPPC’s superpowers that is also one of my favorites is the ability to insert various keywords and keyword combinations into ad copy.

The biggest bang for buck here is that by doing so you make your ad more relevant to the keyword being searched on which makes potential customers more likely to click and also makes Google happy. If Google sees a strong degree of relevancy between keyword being searched on and your ad copy – you are rewarded with better quality scores which as we never get tired to telling you means you pay less per click. Also you should see better ad rank which tends to translate into more clicks and a higher click through rate – which again influences what you pay for each click.

That said, just inserting a keyword into your headline or ad copy or the tail end of your display url isn’t enough. Which isn’t to say that you shouldn’t do all those things – you should. But there’s “more better” methods to make your ad copy even better, more attractive to your target audience, and more relevant and more deserving of a high quality score in the eyes of Google.

First you’ve got to make sure the relationship between your ads, your keywords and your landing pages is as relevant as it can possibly be. Let’s say you are selling Canon Cameras. Obviously you want to make sure you have “Canon Camera” keywords in your keyword inventory, you want to make sure “Canon Cameras” is in your headline and ad copy (and here of course if you use our keyword insertion tokens it will be!) and you want to make sure you are sending click traffic to a landing page that is all about Canon Cameras.

Note: if you have a datafeed or simple spreadsheet that lists product names with corresponding product page urls you can create a campaign that allows you to insert the product name into your ad copy and the cooresponding product page url into your ad’s destination url. It doesn’t get more relevant than that.

You have got to look at what your competitors are doing. Analyze their ads. Which are appearing at the top of the search results pile? How are they making their ads stand out? We’re not saying copy their ads word for word – but think about what you would do to make their ads better. Make sure your ads cut through the clutter.

This is pretty standard but you still see ads that miss it: capitalize the first letter of each word in your headline and ad copy. Think about doing the same for your display url.

Mention your unique selling points and the benefits of choosing your ad over that of your competitors. No its not easy to make these points within the confines of ad copy limits but it can be done. Again look at your competitors’ ads or look at what other advertisers are doing. Did their ad attract your attention? Can their style be applied to your ads? How would you make their ads better?

Nothing cuts through the clutter like a special offer such as sale pricing or free shipping. If you can fit it in that these are for a Limited Time Only So Act Now! call to action please do! Yes its old school but it still works – strong Calls to Action attract clicks.

Use appropriate ad extensions. As we mentioned in a previous post ad extensions such as sitelinks are now part of Google’s ad rank algorithm. It has also been shown that sitelinks can increase CTR by as much as 10-20%. Just make sure they are as relevant as possible.

Finally – you’ve got to test. No matter how well crafted you may believe your ads to be, if you are looking at low ad rank and poor clickthroughs – obviously the rest of the world does not share your affection for that particular ad. Get rid of it! Look at those ads that are performing – how can you make them better? What tweaks can you make that will nudge that CTR just that much higher, Also look at your search query report – these are actual keywords that triggered your ads to appear. Not only do they make good additions to your keyword inventory, but they may work well in your ad copy.