Now that your SpeedPPC campaign(s) have been uploaded and have been running for a bit of time with strong quality scores and low click costs, with high CTR and more than decent conversions, all due to the SpeedPPC generated highly relevant keyword+adcopy+landing page knock-out combo…how can you nudge campaign performance still higher?

Here’s a couple ideas:

Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Okay yeah sure we used this when building the campaign to insert our keyword combos into our ad headline and/or ad body copy and/or append to the end of our display URLs but within the AdWords interface we can use Google’s version of DKI to take this further still. Especially if you are using longer tail keywords and/or seeing longer tail keywords in your search query report that are generating clicks and conversions. But what if those longer tail keywords exceed the 25 character limit? By using Google’s {KeyWord:Default} in your headline you can sometimes exceed that character limit. The exact number of extra characters Google might allow you is not an exact science so you’ll need to experiment. I’ve typically seen headlines that are 26-27 characters long which in some cases is all the extra space you need to create a dynamite click-drawing headline.

Dynamic Search Ads

You might also consider create a Dynamic Search Campaign where Google automatically creates ad headlines based on the content of your website. Here again you may see the headline character limit exceeded. You do need to create body copy and we have found that it is best to create something that tends toward the generic – something that will fit regardless of what product appears in the headline. Strong calls to action work well here – discounts and free shipping, etc.

End Description Line One with a Period.

When you place a period at the end of description line one, Google will extend your headline to include both the 25-character headline and the 35-character description line one text. You must use either a period or a question mark. This will not work if you use an exclamation mark – at least in our experience.

Call Out Specials

Call Out ad extensions are a great way to quickly and easily post special discounts and new offers. As these can be created at the account level all it takes is a few key strokes to get your new promo appearing with all your ads. Time saved!