New AdWords Insights

Several times a year we sit down with someone over at Google support to go over this or that account we are managing. I use these sessions to “pick the brains” of said support and see what sort of peek I can get behind the AdWords curtains. Most recently we gleamed two interested bits of info that we wanted to share with SpeedPPC users.

  1. For most accounts I manage, for conversion tracking such as form submissions or email sign-ups, we have been using the Attribution model:¬†Use “Last click” model as has been best practices for quite some time. Awhile back Google introduced the “time decay” attribute which gives credit to clicks that happened closer in time to the conversion/lead. This has been in beta but is now available for general usage and is the recommended methodology of attributing clicks that lead to conversions/leads. NOTE: THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO CALL TRACKING – CONTINUE TO USE LAST CLICK ATTRIBUTION FOR CALL TRACKING. You simply need to change the code within Tools>Conversions – you DO NOT need to update said code on your website.
  2. We’ve always run at least 2-3 ads in any ad group to test variations in ad copy as well as testing new ad copy against existing ad copy. We’ve always believed that you should run at least 2 ads (although we personally prefer to run 3-4 in most cases). It now seems that with expanded ads it is best practice to run at least 3 ads. This allows Google to learn faster. It is particularly important to run three ads if you are tracking conversions/leads (and you are right?) and have your ad rotation set to optimize for conversions.

As always, we hope this helps!

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