Okay, so you’ve done your keyword research, carefully crafted your ad copy and built your AdWords campaign (all using SpeedPPC of course).

You’ve imported your campaign into AdWords Editor, you’ve checked the campaign and you’ve uploaded to your AdWords account. You probably gave your uploaded campaign a final review to make sure all looks good and you’ve gone live.

Your campaign has run for a bit of time. You check in frequently to review your data and based on that data make adjustments, add new keywords and pause others, add negative keywords, pause non and under-performing ads, test new ad copy, etc.

You’ve pretty much done everything you can do to get great click through rates, strong ad position, top quality scores. You may be thinking, okay, I’ve done and continue to do everything I can to get this campaign running on all cylinders. But what else can I do? How can I nudge performance upwards just that much more?

Ad Extensions are something you must consider.

Ad Extensions make your ads larger and more visible. Rather than being restricted to Google’s 70 character ad copy limit (and that includes spaces) – you can now add your phone number (no longer allowed in your ad copy), your physical address, links to other pages on your website, your Google+ page, any special offers you may be running and if you have an app you’d like your customers to download, you can provide a direct link to your app’s download page in the App Store. In addition, if you contact support and ask nicely, they might set you up with that extension that allows customers to enter their email and sign up for your newsletter.

For those of you who are still not up to speed on AdWords ad extensions, here’s some details:

Location Extensions: Especially useful if you are advertising on a local level. This extension allows you to include a business address linked with your Google Places account or you can manually input a business address. Your address, phone number and directions to your shop may appear. According to Google businesses that use the location extension may see an increase in CTR which translates into better quality scores which in turn translates into lower click costs.

Call Extensions: Includes a phone number in the ad so customers can call you directly. The number is displayed as text in a text ad, or as a “Call” button in a mobile ad. As you are no longer allowed to include a phone number in your ad text, this is the only way to provide customers with a direct number to reach you. You can set this extension so that either your phone number appears, in which case only mobile users can click to call or you can use a Google forwarding number in which case both mobile users and desktop users can click to call. In addition, using a Google forwarding number provides call tracking via Google.

Sitelink Extensions: Includes links to other landing pages of the website. Between 2 and 6 sitelinks may show underneath a given ad. You can also add short descriptions under each sitelink telling browsers what they can expect to find if they click on the link. Keep in mind that sitelink extensions only appear if your ad is in a top position (ie above the organics). This means that you may need to bid higher to grab that higher position. However the extra cost may be worth while because the advantages of using sitelinks are that they provide increased visibility and in many cases higher CTR and conversions which again results in stronger quality scores and can lower your click costs. So you may pay more going in, but down the road you may end up paying less and we all like to pay less!

Social Extensions: Allows you to include your company’s Google+ page endorsements with the ad. Before you can use the social extension you have to link your Google+ page with your company’s website and verify that you own your Google+ company page. In order for ads to show social annotations, you’ll have to have a significant presence on Google+, including a verified URL and at least 100 followers.

App Extensions: This allows your customers who use tablets and mobile devices a direct link to your app’s download page in the App Store. If your company is looking to drive app downloads, you can’t not be using this extension.

Offer Extensions: With this extension you can make customers aware of any special offers or promotions you may be running on your site. This can include printable coupons or coupon codes customers can enter at checkout for free shipping, discounts or other.

Communication Ad Extension: This one is still in beta but as stated above, if you contact your Google rep and ask nicely, they might be able to help set it up for you. With this extension searchers who see your ad can enter their email and sign up for your newsletter signup or request an email from you or request a call.

At the very least you should be using location extension (especially if you are marketing local), call extension and sitelinks. These allow you to grab more SERP space thus attracting more attention and in theory, more clicks. Google tells us that use of any of the above extensions can increase CTR by as much as 10% and potentially more.