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How to increase your CTR’s with SpeedPPC

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A higher click-through rate means you get more visitors to your site — which is good.

Click-through rate is also one of the biggest determining factors for your Quality Score. A good quality score means you pay less or get higher ad positions — and that’s even better!

The most effective way to improve your click-through rate is also the simplest. . .

1st awful option – dynamic keyword insertion

Most search engines give you a wildcard token you can use in your ad to echo the user’s search term. With Google it’s the {keyword} token.

This is great for getting the keywords into your ad, but there are some pretty dramatic tradeoffs.

  • Tradeoff 1: You can only use the entire search term. No fractions allowed or possible.
  • Tradeoff 2: If it’s longer than 30-something characters, you’ll have to rely on your fallbacks.
  • Tradeoff 3: If it doesn’t make grammatical sense in the context of your ad… tough.
  • Tradeoff 4: If it contains typos, misspellings and other idiocy… this will also show up in your ad. Congratulations — you look like an idiot too.
  • Tradeoff 5: Depending on the match type you’re using, you should be prepared for some embarrassing results.

Search engine DKI is good for getting those keywords in there, and showing up in bold. That’s about it. It’s not good for compelling ad copy. It’s often kind of spammy looking. This is going to negatively affect your click-through rate, which defeats the purpose of the entire exercise.

2nd awful option — Write your ads by hand

If you’ve got a lot of keywords along a very similar theme, you might get away with having just a few different ad groups, and a few carefully hand-written, relevant ads for each ad group. This is a viable option.

If you’ve got a lot of keywords along many different themes, and they can’t really share the same ads… you have a problem.

  • First you need to break your keywords into ad groups, and create the ad groups in your search engine account. This could take you a couple of minutes per ad group. Remember that you’re going for relevancy — that’s your holy grail. The more tightly themed your ad groups, the more successful you’ll be.
  • Second you need to hand-write ads (and ad variations) for each ad group. You could laboriously copy and paste your ad text into each one, making the little modifications as you go. Add another couple of minutes per ad group for these shenanigans.
  • Third you need to do this over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. Depending on how many keywords/ad groups you want to use… it could take you days.

SpeedPPC: A much, much, much better way

If you want tightly relevant ads for a wide variety of keywords, you need a bit of automation on your side. Automation with a brain.

SpeedPPC automates the most labor-intensive aspects of your campaign-building. It gives you the tightly-targeted results you want, without the huge investment of time.

1. It builds tightly focused ad groups, super-fast
You choose how you’d like to group your keywords, and then just let SpeedPPC do the rest in one click of a button. Because it’s so fast, you can afford to be a bit more tightly focused with your ad groups.

2. It gives you way smarter DKI to play with
You’re not restricted to using just the final search term (in all its glory). Each ad group can have up to four source lists associated with it, which gives you a whole lot of options for writing your ad.

3. Be immune from idiocy
With SpeedPPC all the dynamic stuff happens in the software, before your campaign is uploaded. Once your ads are uploaded to your search engine account, they’re static and therefore completely immune to misspellings, typos, and embarrassing corruptions. You’ll look awesome, regardless of the search term.

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