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How to increase profitable traffic with SpeedPPC

Drive more profitable traffic in lower cost

Looking to drive more profitable traffic to your site?

SpeedPPC automates the tedious aspects of building a really good, targeted campaigns, so you can pump out campaigns that follow search engine best practices in a matter of minutes.

While SpeedPPC can certainly help you build larger campaigns for considerably more traffic (like pouring a barrel of fertilizer on your garden), the real benefit is how it can help you grow your PPC traffic naturally and sustainably through solid, targeted campaign building.

For instance. . .

Get the same traffic, but pay less for it

SpeedPPC builds highly relevant, tightly targeted campaigns that get better click-through rates and higher Quality Scores. This means you pay less money for the same amount of traffic, and your budget goes further.

Use this surplus to bid on additional keywords (to get more traffic), or to bump up your bids for your current keywords (also more traffic).

Make unprofitable keywords profitable

Have you scrapped keywords from your list because they weren’t delivering a profit?

What if you could give these keywords a little extra tutoring to bring them up to speed with the rest of the kids their age? You’d have an additional keyword to target, and more traffic as a result.

SpeedPPC automates the laborious aspects of creating highly targeted campaigns, so you can give each and every keyword the care, attention, and super-relevant ad text that they need, thereby making unprofitable keywords profitable. (And giving you more traffic.)

Make your current traffic even more profitable

SpeedPPC helps you build landing pages that are really relevant to the original search term, giving your visitors exactly what they were looking for.

It’s simple, but it’s powerful. Use it to pull up the right product from your catalog, send visitors to the right purchase page, or simply serve up a relevant page heading and image.

SpeedPPC lets you do this on a grand scale in minutes… no matter how many keywords or ad groups you’re targeting.

With greater conversions and greater profits, you can then afford to raise your bids and gain a better position for your ad. (Thereby increasing your traffic.)

Easily target keywords that tend to be more profitable

The most valuable customers (ie, the ones that are closest to buying) tend to type more specific things into the search engine.

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Traditionally, the way to target these keywords is with a “one-size-fits-all” approach. You use the same ad and give the same landing page for a huge array of search terms since it would take you a month of Sundays to create specific ads and landing pages for each one.

Sometimes this works, but often you’ll end up with a poor click-through rate because your ad is so generic, poor conversions because your landing page is so generic, and a low Quality Score (and attendant high costs) to boot.

SpeedPPC makes these keywords valuable again by allowing you to create tightly targeted ad groups, relevant ads and relevant landing pages for a huge array of long-tail search terms in a matter of minutes.

Use it to target keywords you wouldn’t normally go after (more traffic), or improve the profitability of keywords you’re already targeting (giving you more profit to churn back into more traffic).

With SpeedPPC you can have both quantity AND quality and building strong campaigns that search engines love. Give it a go today.

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