We here at SpeedPPC hope your 2014 was a successful and profitable one – and we wish you the same for 2015!

Let’s jump into it then and talk about growing your PPC in 2015.

We’ll assume that you have already used SpeedPPC to build your PPC Search campaigns and that those are thriving and doing very well for you. Because they are doing so well you or your client(s) want to expand and test some new waters specifically (where applicable) Shopping, Mobile, Remarketing, Display and more.

Keyword Expansion

One of the best ways to grow your PPC is to expand your keyword lists. Considering you used SpeedPPC to create a massive keyword list and used our research tools to target them, chances are there may be little left to scrounge but search habits are known to shift and so there may always be new terms worth adding to your inventory. Obviously a good place to start is SpeedPPC’s keyword research tools (you can learn more about them here: https://sppctraining.wpengine.com/general-orientation-research/), Google’s Keyword Planner and Google and Bing’s Search Query reports.

Shopping Campaign

If you are an ecommerce merchant then a Google Shopping Campaign is essential. You must have a Google Merchant Account which takes all of about 5 seconds to set up (okay we do exaggerate a bit!) and then you need to link that to your AdWords account which really does take all of about 5 seconds (or less). You of course need a product datafeed to upload but if you are on any of the major ecommerce platforms that feature is usually one of your admin tools and will upload a fresh datafeed automatically as often as once a day.

For those of you who have a datafeed but not a tool that allows for automatic uploading to a Merchant Account you can build a Shopping-type campaign using SpeedPPC and our “Don’t Mix Pair” campaign building method (https://sppctraining.wpengine.com/dont-mix-pair-campaign-building/) – you might also consider launching both a Shopping campaign and a “Don’t Mix Pair” campaign and test how they play off each other.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

According to Google: “Remarketing lists for search ads provides yet another opportunity to optimize your search campaigns by letting you tailor your keyword bids and ad text for your highest value prospects – people who have visited your website in the past – when they’re searching for what you sell.” – you can learn about Remarketing Lists for Search Ads here: https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/products/remarketing-lists-for-search-ads.html


Here you can target people who have already visited your site but for whatever reason did not purchase (or did not take whatever action you wished them too). You can also target customers who purchased certain items or looked at certain items or spent x amount of time on the site or…you get the picture. You then can specifically target them with ads based on those specs.

So if someone came to site looking for red rubber balls but didn’t purchase, you can “remarket” to them with an ad that features a strong call to action relevant to red rubber balls. Remember there’s no point in showing them something they have already seen. They saw it and left without taking action. Think STRONG OFFER and think of this as a great way to turn a lost sale into a “found” sale…and a non-customer into a new customer…and with a bit of work on your part – a repeat customer!

Competitor Campaigns

We’ve talked about these in a past blog or two but basically this is a campaign where you bid on competitor names and brands so that if a searcher enters the name of a direct competitor or a competitor’s brand and if you sell the same or a similar product – your ad will also appear. The majority of searchers will most likely click on your competitor’s ad but enough of them may decide to give you a chance especially if you have a strong call to action and follow up that call to action on your landing page (lower price, cheaper/free shipping, discount, etc). Expect low quality scores for the most part but these can work well if properly managed.


If you still don’t have a mobile site now may be a good time to get one. Google does not yet penalize for lack of a mobile website but if you’ve read between the lines of anything Google says about the mobile channel you know its only a matter of time before this happens. You will either be ready or you’ll be hurting. And if you don’t as yet have a mobile site you can set your phone extension so they have to use “click to call” rather than having the choice of clicking to call or visiting your website. This will also help filter out low quality mobile clicks as if someone does click to call you can bet they have a strong interest in what you are selling.

Sounds good? Great! Now go Grow your PPC!