Google AdWords has an exciting new interface (or at least I’m excited about it!) and you can access it by clicking on the “New features” header link in your AdWords account. If for any reason you don’t like it, you can change back easily by clicking on the “Previous Interface” link at the top of the page.

The new interface is almost a Google Analytics / Google AdWords / AdWords Editor hybrid and it makes account information more transparent.

The first thing you’ll notice is the performance summary graphs on the campaign management page. You can customize, segment and filter the information to help you view trends over time immediately.

These are some of the other changes you’ll see:

  • New campaign workflow – you can now create your campaigns from the same place you’ll be managing them
  • Networks tab – providing better management of content network campaigns. You can view summary statistics as well as manage your placements
  • Dynamic Help – far better help content, it’s now dynamic and easier to access
  • You can now copy and move campaigns within the web interface, rather than having to switch to AdWords Editor
  • Similar to AdWords Editor, you can now view a tree menu of your campaigns, making it easier to switch between pay per click campaigns
  • Campaign roll-up tabs enable you to focus on the high-impact areas of your PPC campaigns
  • In-line editing means instead of loading a separate page, you can edit keywords, ads and bids directly in the tables of the campaign and ad group tabs (just hover)

The main thing I like about AdWords new interface is that it makes more information available at once. Your account data is clearly presented in a more visual and intuitive format.

Having the performance graphs makes it easier to see what’s going on and I expect to be able to make faster decisions with information more readily at my fingertips, rather than having to click deeper into the system to find what I need to know. I hope to see more of the Analytics-type data incorporated in the AdWords interface!

It’s also much easier to navigate and edit your campaigns, with borrowed features from AdWords Editor.

You can read more about the specific changes Google AdWords has made here.

Give the new interface a try, it might take some getting used to but I think it’ll make it faster and more easily actionable for all AdWords advertisers.

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