Hopefully by now you have noticed that when you go into whatever AdWords PPC account(s) you manage and if you decide to create a new ad….your only option is to create an Expanded ad. I personally have been “playing” with expanded ads for a bit over 2 weeks now or for whatever length of time its been since Google rolled them out.

I love expanded ads.

I love the extra headline. I love the extra character room. I love the display url “paths”. There is actually nothing I do not love about the new expanded ads.

Why did Google expand their ads?

“With mobile-usage rates steadily on the rise, the new Google expanded text ads are designed with mobile platforms in mind. Providing more space to utilize than standard text ads, Google expanded text ads are structured to increase efficiency and effectiveness on mobile devices.” – CPC Strategy

We’ve already explained in several past postings what exactly we mean by expanded ads and how expanded ads differ from the old standard ads. One key point to remember is that as of October 26th, 2016, AdWords will no longer support the creation or editing of standard text ads. Standard ads will stop running and will be completely replaced by expanded ads.

Indeed as we write this, within the AdWords interface you can no longer create standard ads only expanded. You can still create standard ads in SpeedPPC and you can still port standard ads into AdWords Editor and I suppose upload them to your account – but this seems an exercise in futility as they will only run till the end of October. I would rather see users spending this time creating expanded ads and start testing leaving their existing standard ads to run their course.

Q4 2016 is going to be a very interesting time.