It’s hard not to notice that the holiday season is rapidly approaching.

Around here, stores have had their Christmas displays up since October, and my letterbox is so full of mailers my regular mail barely fits.

The holiday season is bad for busting budgets, but with more traffic, more sales and better conversions, it’s an absolute boon for online businesses … if you’re on your game and ready to capitalize on it.

It’s a slightly different ball game out there

For PPC advertisers, the holiday season sees a lot of search terms become more profitable. Long-tail “sleeper” search terms suddenly start getting a lot more search volume.

Keywords that might spend nine months of the year weathering a raft of tire-kickers are suddenly hit with credit-card-wielding shopping fiends, desperately searching for that special gift.

Customers are a lot more focused on specific product and brand names, opening up huge opportunities for advertisers willing to put the effort into crafting really targeted PPC campaigns around these search terms.

That’s where SpeedPPC comes in

Want to create a PPC campaign for two hundred different kinds of running shoe? That’s the spirit!

You could lump them all in together under a generic “running shoe” advertisement, but the ads that are going to take the lion’s share of the clicks are the ones that specifically mention the brand and make of shoe being searched for.

Whoever gets the click gets first shot at the sale, so you want that click. You want it.

SpeedPPC helps you create ads that are tightly targeted to the search term, so the customer sees exactly what they were looking for.

Not just “running shoes” but the exact brand and make of shoe they want.

Not only that, but SpeedPPC also helps you create landing pages that offer the same degree of relevance. Your potential customers can be taken right to the shoe. No hunting through menus. No clicking through multiple pages. No chance of losing customers along the way.

The best part of all?

This doesn’t take any longer than creating one, generic, untargeted campaign that gets lacklustre results.

SpeedPPC automates the most time-consuming aspects of building those targeted campaigns, so you can roll out super-targeted ad groups and ads for hundreds (or thousands) of different holiday gift ideas in … seriously … just a few minutes.

Got 10,000 different product names in your catalog? How about 5,000 different geographic locations you’d like to target? No sweat. Coming right up.

Not only is it super-fast, and super-likely-to-result-in-more-sales, but tightly targeted campaigns like the ones SpeedPPC builds get great Quality Scores from Google.

This of course leads to lower costs, increased profit margins, better positions, more traffic… one big snowball effect. Just in time for the holidays!

So are you ready to get serious about holiday PPC traffic?

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So grab the tools you need today. There are sales that are just waiting out there for you — you just need to step-up and grab them.

And you should get onto it now, before it’s all over, and you have to wait for Valentines Day!

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