Four Ways to Increase CTR

1. Use SpeedPPC. With our token insertion option you can – with a single click of a button – insert your keyword(s) into your ad headline instantly crafting ads that tightly reflect the search term. When searchers see their search term in your ad headline, they are far more likely to click on your ad then on another. As a result you’ll get more clicks and better Quality Scores (CTR being a big factor in how Google determines the quality of your keywords).

SpeedPPC’s superior keyword insertion technology allows you to build ads that are natural-looking as well as relevant.

2. Put your offer in your headline. Rather than putting your deal in the first or second line of ad copy – put it right at the top and right in the searchers’ face! Oh – are you looking for THIS? Here it is!

3. Insert your keyword into your display URL. Here again SpeedPPC makes this child’s play as you can insert your keywords into the end of your display url as well as your ad headline with the same single click of a button.

4. Wherever it makes sense to do so – Add a Period to the End of Description Line One! Adding a period to the end of your first description line places that line into the headline when your ad appears in the top spots on the SERPs. Using this method expands your headline from 25 characters to 60! Now that’s gonna catch some eyeballs…and clicks!

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