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All the features of SpeedPPC

Feature What it does
Unlimited Campaigns No restrictions on the number of campaigns you can create.
Unlimited Campaign Spend We don’t charge more based on how much you spend.
Unlimited Keywords Add as many keywords as you like!
Unlimited Ads Create as many ads as you like!
No Campaign Size Restrictions We don’t restrict you on your campaign size. The only restrictions come down to your account limits and your computing power!
Google Ad Campaigns Create Google Ad campaigns with ease.
Microsoft Ad Campaigns Get some of that cheap Microsoft traffic.
Text Ads Text ads still rule!
Call Only Ads Create call-only ads as well.
Responsive Search Ads Create new school with the new Google ad formats.
SKAG Campaigns The holy grail of a single keyword per ad group for perfect ad relevancy.
Thematic Campaigns Create more balanced thematic campaigns as well.
Domain Campaigns Create competitor domain campaigns for that cheap brand traffic.
Don’t Mix, Pair Campaigns Totally unique to SpeedPPC where you can create some super creative campaigns
Combine up to Four Keyword Lists Have the power to combine up to 4 lists (one seed and 3 expansion) for total dominance.
Save Keyword Sets Save and organize all your keyword sets within SpeedPPC.
Save Ad Sets Don’t have to retype ads, just save it as an ad set and reuse it whenever!
Both Bid & Negative Keywords Create both bid and negative keywords.
Create Unique Tracking IDs Create a unique ID for every keyword to ensure clean analytics.
Clean Extra Spaces Clean up your keyword lists automatically upon build.
Clean Bad Characters Don’t let bad characters turn up in your keywords.
Five Different Mix Types Ultimate flexibility in how your keywords combine together.
Mix Type Spacing Options Granular power over how you handle spacing.
13 Different Ad Tokens Power and flexibility for creating the most relevant text ads.
Advanced Fallback Keyword Options Nested fallback options when your keywords get too long.
Version History & Rollback It’s like a time machine for your campaigns, ads, and keywords. Make a mistake? Just roll it back!
Organize Campaigns using Folders Keep everything organized and neat.
Duplicate Campaigns Love an existing campaign. Just duplicate it for another new campaign.
Optional Add-on: Research Tools
Keyword  & Competitor Research We also include a bunch of awesome tools to help you create even better campaigns.
Interrogate Competitor Tool See exactly what your competitors are doing and learn what works and what doesn’t.
Competitor Comparison Tool Compare yourself (or someone else) to a competitor. See what keywords they are using that aren’t!
Keyword Expansion Tool Expand your keywords to grow your campaigns.
Keyword Suggestion Tool Suggest new keywords to hit new pockets of profit.
Competitor Landscape Tool See all the competitors within your niche and how they compare.
Potential Ad Placement Tool Find new placement opportunities.
Competitor Text Ad Spy See what text ads are working for your competitors for inspiration.
117 Geo Databases Want to target different countries? We’ve got you.
790 Million Domains A crazy number of domains are covered.
19 Billion Keywords A massive keyword database to work from.
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