Dynamic Sitelinks: Update

By now anyone who is building and managing PPC campaigns is well aware of ad extensions and how these influence not only your Quality Scores and expand the amount of SERP real estate your ad can occupy, but also how they can generate higher CTR than the ad itself. I personally have often seen instances where an ad was generating a respectable CTR but an individual ad extension was generated 2-3x that CTR! You can use this information to better inform yourself as to new ad copy to test ie using the ad extension (sitelink or call out) in your ad headline or description. You may find this improves your ad CTR or you may find that it is better left as an ad extension. Regardless, PPC is all about constantly testing to see what works and more importantly, what does not.

So another slightly rambling intro to a new AdWords feature. In this case “dynamic sitelink extensions”.  According to Google:

Dynamic sitelinks are an automatic extension format that allow people searching on Google to connect right from your ad to what they want to know or buy from your site. They add high quality, relevant sitelinks to your search ads.”

Further “Dynamic sitelinks can boost your advertising impact and value by connecting people to what they’re looking for on your site” and “they link directly to conversion-focused sections or pages of your website that promote user action”. Best of all “dynamic sitelinks are automatic requiring no need to create a new text ad or set up a new sitelink”.

How this works is “when someone searches for a particular term, dynamic sitelinks may show them several relevant deep links with your text ad. Dynamic sitelinks have the same format as manual sitelinks. Manual sitelinks will always show instead of dynamic sitelinks, if available and if the extension is applicable for the ad”.

So essentially, for those who for whatever reason find creating sitelinks difficult or are really not sure – Google has your back. They will auto-generate relevant sitelinks for you. These sitelinks based on user search activity and really who knows more about user search activity than Google? As scary as that can be when you really think about it.

Bear in mind that this refers to sitelink ad extensions only. Not call outs or structured snippets or other.

And it goes without saying – but we’re saying it – that when you use SpeedPPC to build your PPC campaigns, you’re already ahead of the game with super relevant, super targeted ad groups, ad copy and keywords. A dynamic sitelink is just icing on the cake.

Cheers and you’re welcome!

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