Customers Speak – Part 1

The SpeedPPC community is made up of people from different walks of life, living in different parts of the world, who do a variety of different things online. Amongst all the differences the commonality is a great love for SpeedPPC. This is because it’s changed what was once a boring process called ‘normal PPC campaign building’ forever!

It’s great to hear from our end users who work the coal face mining for increased profits using our suite of tools.

As you read this series you’ll gain insight regarding the ins and outs of how and why they use SpeedPPC.

In part one Scott Clark who manages several million dollars in PPC spend says he couldn’t do without productivity tools like SpeedPPC. This is a great read for those of you who are dealing in big dollars and need to rely on the advanced functionality that SpeedPPC also provides. Enjoy!

“I am a PPC turnaround artist. The tools in my bag include SpeedPPC, and I cannot even remember how I managed large campaigns without it. I use it in three main ways:

First is in the creation of long-tail keyword sets. These take control away from Google and put it back in my clients’ court. We take the time to run through server logs, keyword research tools, and our own experience with search behaviors and build a sort of root phrase spreadsheet. In the end, the keyword list is quite long, but now a controlled variable upon which we can build ad text, landing page, and analytics strategy.

The second way we use SpeedPPC is to improve use of dynamic keyword insertion. DKI done properly is not always easy – but has a dramatic improvement on clickthrough rates (CTR) if you get it right. Allowing Google to do DKI on ads with anything but exact match can be dangerous and produce unwanted ad text. SpeedPPC makes it easy to quickly set up all match types and still keep control over the ad text output.

The third and final use for SpeedPPC is in communication with landing pages. By using page parameters and some clever parsing we can take in long-tail campaigns and produce highly optimized landing page experiences for searchers without having unwanted or embarrassing text inserted on the landing page.


For campaigns where I took over management for a new client, improvements in clickthrough rates of 300-400% conversion rate improvements of 50%-100% on lead generation campaigns are definitely doable in as little as 2 months while reducing lead costs by as much as half.

For many B2B companies, this adds up to tens of thousands of dollars per month saved and a busy sales staff! Once these clients see what is possible in tweaking ad text and landing pages, lots of gears start turning in their heads about promotional and cross-sell techniques.

For regional PPC (like franchise sales) I use SpeedPPC to build campaigns to catch “local qualifiers” in search and transfer city or state information to the ad text and landing pages helps us to account for the “other half” of geotargeted campaigns we cannot capture using the search engines’ targeting tools.

So many clients are letting Google do the matching for them, not using DKI, and sending searchers to generic landing pages. These techniques hurt quality score, reduce click through rate, and drop conversion rates even when the client thinks they have a well organized Google Adwords campaign.

Favorite Features

  • Integration with Google Adwords offline Editor.
  • Ability to “copy” ads, which promotes split testing.
  • Ability to do “two levels” of dynamic keyword insertion
  • Ability to easily tweak destination URL parameters.

SpeedPPC’s value

I would consider it the second most important tool in my PPC toolbox, right after Google Adwords’ offline editor. It has paid for itself dozens of times over.

Why I wouldn’t attempt PPC marketing without it

I manage several million dollars in PPC spend all by myself. I could not do that without having productivity tools like this.

I also specialize in highly competitive markets (CPC as high as $28) like franchise lead generation, credit card sales, and business finance. More often than not, I am called to take over campaigns managed by others who have not achieved the results the client hoped for. My forte is turning these campaigns around and SpeedPPC is very important in that regard.”
– Scott Clark
PPC Marketing Expert

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