Recently I was reading an article that listed “common mistakes made with Google AdWords”. One of these was putting too many keywords in an ad group. The consensus was that although it would be great to be able to “create a unique landing page and PPC ad for every keyword you target, so that your user’s experience is as laser-targeted as possible”….it would take forever to build and nobody has that kind of time.

Obviously the writer has never used SpeedPPC because with SpeedPPC that is exactly what you can do.

With SpeedPPC you can build your ad groups by seed, expansion or final keywords. So for example if you are building a single core keyword list (seed) you can make each keyword its own ad group and then select broad or broad match modified and/or phrase and/or exact match types. So if your seed keyword is fuzzy cat balls your ad group will be named fuzzy cat balls and it will contain only the keyword fuzzy cat balls in the match type(s) you selected.

If you are building dual core (two keyword lists) or multi-core (up to 4 keyword lists) campaigns you can create ad groups based on seed, expansion or final keywords.

So cool you think, but what about the unique landing pages?

Well let’s back up just a smidge. You can also dynamically insert your keywords into your ad copy. This includes the headline, description, and end of the display URL. So now your ad group, the keywords within the ad group and all ads within that ad group will all contain the same keywords. How’s that for laser targeting?

Now back to those unique landing pages. Using SpeedPPC’s insertion code you can pass your seed, expansion, final keyword combination(s) into a landing page to create the perfect search storm. When someone searches for fuzzy cat balls not only do they see that search term repeated in your ad copy but when they click on your ad because its 100% relevant to their search, they hit a landing page that is also all about fuzzy cat balls.

Laser targeted? You better believe it!

And regards time? With SpeedPPC all of the above should take literally seconds to build.