Boosting your Quality Score with Keyword & Ad Relevancy

One of the things often overlooked by PPC search marketers is the enormous impact that the relevance of each keyword to its ad group and creative has on your Quality Score. The following diagram illustrates how a strong relationship between all components of your PPC campaign leads to increased click through rates, relevancy, conversion metrics and Quality Score. Consider these … Read More

Raise CTR – Raise Quality Score

Click through rate (CTR) is probably a very familiar term to you by now. It’s basically how many times your ad was clicked, compared to the number of ad impressions. This simple percentage figure has a pretty big impact on your Quality Score. Any good tracking software should show you CTRs, however if you’re calculating it manually then this is … Read More

Quality Score – Your New Best Friend

What’s your first reaction when I say “Quality Score”? If you’re already Quality Score savvy, you may have considered it the arrival of a long lost friend. Or maybe it’s one you wished had stayed lost. For others, Quality Score is still something of an enigma. Whatever your current knowledge (or opinion) is of Quality Score, we’re going to put … Read More